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Best places business meetings London

When you’re looking for the best spaces for business meetings in London, it can be beneficial for both your staff and your wallet to look a little further than your own business locations. A change of scenery can work wonders for creativity and productivity, and there’s plenty of other reasons why you should consider renting a meeting space for your next meeting.

Meeting rooms in London can be used for a variety of reasons and it doesn’t have to necessarily be for business at all! On websites such as Breather, you’re able to rent offices, classrooms and conference rooms for a range of events, workshops, corporate meetings, training sessions, and collaboration sessions. The sky’s the limit and the options are plentiful!

However, not all rooms are created equally. There are things to consider before going ahead and making a booking to ensure your chosen space is fit for your specific purpose. This article outlines a few of the many considerations any employer or manager should keep in mind.

The location

London is over 600 square miles in size. Therefore, there is bound to be a range of different meeting spaces to meet your needs. The first thing to consider is how conveniently located your meeting room of choice is in London. Is it close to public transport? Is it near public parking? Is it within walking distance to necessary amenities and facilities for your staff or clients? While it’s nice to take a break from the office and treat your team to a change of scenery, selecting a space too far from your business hub could prove counterproductive.

If you’re looking for the best meeting spaces in London, there are plenty of good options. However, three, in particular, stand out from the crowd, with meeting areas that are innovative. These are Soho, Covent Garden, and Shoreditch.


If your staff is in need of inspiration for their next major project, renting a collaboration or classroom space on Breather in Soho, London, is definitely a must. Soho is home to some spectacular luxury and boutique stores- not to mention art galleries that are a hive of inspiration for big projects. Aside from the obvious brainstorming jackpots available in Soho, it also has plenty of rooms available to cater to many different groups. Whether you need a place for two or 200, you’re sure to find an area in Soho, London that suits your requirements perfectly.

Covent Garden

Covent Garden is located London’s West End and is a hive for activity on any given day. Whether you’re looking to treat your staff to a different work environment, or you’re giving them the option to get their creative juices flowing, it’s most certainly a fantastic area to get to work in. Covent Garden is home to beautiful stores, stalls, eateries, and entertainers, as well as the world-famous Royal Opera House that attracts thousands of people every year.


Considered the Silicon Valley of London, Shoreditch is a creative hub with a twist. Visual culture is on every street corner, as well as plenty of well-established businesses that are featured globally. If ever there were a premium location to rent a business meeting space in London, Shoreditch would be it.

The space

Because many businesses, companies, and corporations are tightening their belts in uncertain economic times, the need to downsize business premises becomes all the more critical. As long as you can cater to your employees’ individual workstations, everything else can be provided for by way of hire on Breather. Aside from conference rooms, event rooms, workshop spaces, corporate meeting rooms, training rooms, classrooms, and collaboration spaces, even additional office spaces can be rented if necessary.

When you’re in need of such a space for an event, a monthly sales meeting, or any other business-related occasion, consider the number of people who will be in attendance and rent a room in London that suits your needs.


When you rent a hotel room on your travels, you never honestly know what you’re going to get. While the same can be said for meeting rooms, the reviews often speak for themselves. When you rent a room for your place of business on Breather, each listing has a detailed description of what you can expect to find.

Photos are a good indicator, but other information including how many the space caters for, the amenities, the technology, and the parking options, are all available for your consideration. All meeting rooms on Breather include wifi, HD TV, lounge seating, natural lighting, whiteboards, and 100 percent satisfaction! If you’re not happy with your space, you can reach Breather in London by chat, phone, or email 24/7.

The positives

The best places for business meetings in London are those that inspire employees to be more productive, motivated, and challenged. While it makes perfect sense for employees to feel this in their work environment, sometimes it does take a change of scenery to evoke those changes.

Over half of the workforce in the United States alone is not engaged with their work. Such loss of productivity equates to the loss of billions of dollars. If hiring a business meeting room in London can curb some of those losses, it’s a small price to pay.

The booking process

If you’ve decided that renting a business meeting room in London is the very thing to benefit your business and staff, pay a visit to an online space booking website such as Breather. You will need to know how many people are attending, your approximate preferred location, your necessary amenities and facilities, the times and days you wish to use the space, and of course your price range.

From here, you can book the room online, and Breather will be in touch with all the information you need for checking in and out. The process is exceptionally straightforward, and you’ll be so pleased you decided to rent a business meeting space in London.

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