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How to give your office building a new shine

Motivating your employees is key in the modern world as a business is so competitive that there is a constant need to drive productivity and hence profits. If your colleagues are coming into work every day and are faced with a drab and dreary office, what sort of impression does this give? Certainly not the impression that the employer cares about their working environment. On the other hand, if your office building is new and shiny and comes with the most ergonomic chairs and great social and leisure facilities, your employees will automatically be empowered to work harder, and therefore they will help to drive the company forward.

Here we are going to take a look at how you can give your office a new shine.

Give it a deep clean

Many offices are stuck in the 1960s with horrible thick carpets and nicotine-stained walls, not to mention toilet facilities that wouldn’t be out of place at a music festival in the middle of a field. How do you think your employees feel if they are faced with this every day? Exactly! So, as an employer, you should be looking to give the whole place a deep clean, and yes that involves ripping out those awful carpets. By bringing your office into the 21st Century you will brighten the mood of all your employees and actually make them look forward to coming to work, making the whole environment a much more pleasant place to work

Attend to the facade

Not only should your office be clean internally, but it should also be welcoming from the outside too, and that means that those unsightly water stains down the render need to be painted over and the overflowing gutters need to be cleared out. You don’t need to handle this work yourself as you can hire a cleaning business to look after every aspect of your building. Once done, not only will your employees enjoy the sight of your office, but any potential clients will be impressed by your modern sleek look, and this will make it more likely that they will do business with you.

Add some plant life

Greenery brightens up everyone’s day, right? Well, of course, that is why we fill our homes with many beautiful plants, from cactuses to geraniums, and from aloe to peace lilies. So, why, you might be asking yourself, are our offices often devoid of any greenery? Well, this is a great question, it is probably due to budget constraints, but actually this makes no sense. Plants are inexpensive and are great for motivation as the mere sight of something pretty fills our hearts with joy and gladness. So, improve the well being of your employees and at the same time give your office a new shine.


Offices have that peculiar habit of becoming filled with absolute junk over time. Technology moves so quickly that some pieces of equipment can quickly become obsolete and get left lying around in the corners. Old files that have long since been digitized pile up in the cupboards and our desks and drawers just seem to hoard every useless item you can think of. In this situation, the best thing you can do is have a morning where every employee takes part in a decluttering exercise whereby everything that is not essential is thrown out. A decluttered workspace leads to a decluttered mind, productivity will rise and your office will look brand spanking new.

Rearrange the furniture

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘change is as good as a rest’ and this can be applied to our office life as well as your personal life. If you have an open plan space and the desks have been in the same place for decades maybe it is time for a change, not least because it may increase productivity. Ask yourself; is the desk best placed for my individual teams to carry out their daily tasks? Often, this is not the case, so take the time to think about how they can be organized better, talk to your employees as they will be able to offer some important insight. One the changes have been implemented it will be like entering a new workspace.

As we have discovered there are many ways that you can give your office a new shine, and the first place to start is by giving it a deep clean, both inside and out. Nobody likes that look from the last century. Add some colour by bringing plant life into your space and give the desk arrangement a re-jig and remove all the old clutter that is cramping the place for the room. By making these easy changes your office will look as good as new and will take on a whole new personality.

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