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How to prepare for a successful but fun business trip

Depending on what job you have, you may be required to travel on business from time to time. While some people love the opportunity to get out of the office and enjoy being able to travel the world on work’s time, others see it as a necessary evil. However, whether you love traveling on business or not, it is important that you learn the essential skills required to make your trip successful, but also as enjoyable as possible.

Business travel does not have to be something that you dread, and by making the right preparations and knowing all the hints and tips, you can make the most of your time away. Business trips can sometimes be hectic and stressful, but to avoid this we have put together this guide on how to prepare for a successful but fun business trip.

Book as Soon As Possible

While we understand that some business trips are often done at the last minute and thrust upon you by management with little notice, for those business trips that you are aware of in advance, you should start preparing as soon as possible. This is important if you want to make sure you secure your travel arrangements and first choice accommodation options.

Some of the most popular cities for business have very high occupancy rates, sometimes over 70 percent, so if you want to stay in the most central and comfortable accommodation there is, then you need to get booked in quickly.

Check Your Company’s Travel Policy

Depending on the company that you work for, there will be different rules and regulations that you are required to adhere to while traveling on business. Not only will your company have certain rules, but they may also have the best tips, so be sure to enquire about their travel policy before you book anything.

You may find that only certain expenditures are covered by company expenses and that spend limits are in place. Failing to check your travel policy before your trip could result in you suffering a nasty shock in the form of a bill when you get back to work.

Consider Travel Insurance

Just like any other trip that you go on, it is crucial that you have travel insurance to protect you while you are away. While your employer may have some travel insurance that can cover you (you will find this information in their travel policy), it may not cover everything you need.

If you regularly go on business trips, then it may be worth investing in annual insurance that will cover you for multiple trips. If your company doesn’t provide insurance, then you may find that they will contribute towards it, so be sure to ask the question.  

Do Some Research

We would recommend that you spend some time doing research on the destination you are going to for your business trip so that you can make the most of your time there. While it is important that your trip is successful professionally, knowing the best place to get a decent meal is also going to make your trip much more fun for you as well. You may even need to wine and dine some clients during your trip, and by doing your research beforehand, you will know the perfect place to take them.

Find Good Accommodation

When it comes to a successful business trip, having the right accommodation is crucial. While there may be endless hotels that you can stay in, busy and noisy hotels aren’t ideal if you have to wake are up early for business meetings.

Instead, you could choose a furnished apartment, such as those offered by Blueground, as they provide you all the comforts and the luxury of a home while you are away. Their streamlined process can save you time and money, as they have done all the hard work for you, by offering properties that suit your business trip requirements.

Pack Wisely

It can be difficult to know what to pack when it comes to preparing for a trip away on business, but by packing wisely, you will be able to make the most of your time. For clothes, we would recommend that you pack work attire, alongside some comfy clothes for the evenings, and maybe a smart outfit in case you are required to go out with clients.

It is essential that you pack some business cards to take with you, as you never know when a networking opportunity may arise.

For some people, a business trip is a necessary evil that comes with their job role. For others, it is an opportunity to travel and meet some new people along the way. Either way, be sure to make the most of your trip by preparing with these tips and hints.

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