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Reasons to Hire a Car On Your Next Overseas Business Trip

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Photo Credit : Samuele Errico Piccarini (Unsplash)

We live in a high-globalized world, and despite the global coronavirus pandemic, many people are now beginning to return to work, and with that comes various business trips. Navigating one’s way around an unfamiliar city can be stressful, especially when you need to be focused on work. One way to ease the stress when arriving at a new business destination is to hire a car rather than battle with foreign public transportation networks or rely on taxis.

If you are on the fence  about hiring a car, here are some good reasons you should consider it a viable option for your next business trip:

A Private Vehicle Can Save You Time

We’ve all experienced the stress of having to wait for a delayed bus or train. Even in cities like London, Paris and New York with well-developed transportation networks, delays are common. By hiring a car, you won’t have to worry about navigating public transportation systems and their associated delays. Furthermore, cars are naturally faster than buses and trains, significantly reducing travel times. Most rental cars will come with the option of using a GPS system which means you don’t need to worry about getting lost. 

Access Remote Locations More Easily

Depending on the nature of your work, you may be required to travel outside a city where public transport infrastructure is minimal. This might end up requiring several bus or train changes before you actually arrive at the destination which makes travel all the more time consuming and stressful.  Having access to your own vehicle will make it easier to reach remote locations which aren’t fully serviced by public transport networks.

Greater Freedom and Downtime

Even if you are only visiting for business reasons, it is always nice to explore a new place. However, if you rely on public transport you might find yourself limited in terms of visiting nearby locations. Why not do it at your own pace and in comfort by hiring a car ? This will allow you to visit places at your own pace. You can even go the extra mile and roam around in style by renting a luxury vehicle from the folks at Hype Luxury, the next time you land at London Heathrow. 

Stay COVID-Safe

Since the start of the global pandemic, things are no longer quite the same as they once were. Despite the implementation of safety protocols, travelling by public transport remains risky in terms of the spread of the virus. A hired car is a much safer bet when it comes to avoiding COVID-19. Whether you are high-risk or would rather not expose yourself to the virus unnecessarily, a hired car may be the best option for you. 

Hiring a car isn’t an option that many people consider when travelling to a new destination. However, there are plenty of benefits of having access to your own private vehicle. It is likely to reduce travel times and allow you to get about in comfort, ultimately making your business trip a more efficient, safe and pleasant experience. 

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