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How to take care of your cat while away on business trips

Having pets doesn’t always complement travelling; in that, taking them along isn’t always feasible. While leaving a beloved pet behind can be a hazard.

However, when you are a working individual, travelling for work is an occurrence that is likely to happen sooner or later. Business trips are inevitable, and your cat certainly cannot accompany you in every circumstance.

That’s why you must prepare for the safety of your feline, in advance. Prepping for your eventual business trip will not only help you make the best arrangements for your cat, but it will also help you concentrate on your work without worrying about your pet.

Depending on the length of your trip, you may need to ask someone to check in or hire a pet sitter. But that is not all you have to take care of. Here are some pointers to help you get started.

Secure the house

All cat owners are aware that there’s no set time for their pet to start some mischief or trouble. Of course, the chances of pets misbehaving can grow exponentially when you leave them to their own devices. And, keeping a pet at home without any human caretaker is nothing short of disastrous.

A house full of seemingly harmless objects can inflict serious harm, which is why securing your cat’s environment should be your first order of business. Begin with locking all windows and doors, and restrict your pet’s access to different rooms.

Select the safest space and then remove all items that can be thrown or toppled easily. If you ‘e going to leave your cat in a lounge where the kitchen is accessible, cut your cooking range’s gas supply. While your feline can’t possibly turn the dials, it is best not to take chances.

Invest in cabinet locks

Another way to be extra careful is by making use of cabinet locks. Cats have a tendency to claw into places and cabinets are a huge safety hazard. Not only can things fall on your pet and cause injury but when the latter is left untreated, it can lead to fatal infections. Even besides that, pets can make a mess when they slip into spaces not meant for them. So, save yourself the trouble of coming home to your belongings covered with that pesky fur.

You can easily order safety locks online or buy them at your nearest utility store. In any case, this measure will be a welcome addition to keeping your mind at peace while you are travelling.

Buy a cat tree

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While you’re not home entertaining your cat, get something that will keep it occupied. For instance, investing in cat trees is a great idea. A cat tree is a wooden structure, designed to mimic the shape of a tree, but with multiple platforms for your cat to climb.

Essentially, cat owners buy cat trees to indulge their pets in play and/or sleep. Therefore, instead of tempting your cat to wander around the house and knock things over, you can keep your cat away from breakables, with its own kitty condo.

If you want to go all out, consider purchasing a tall cat tree with compartments on the steps. A well-built cat tree will not only look after your pet’s daily dose of exercise, but it will also provide your pet with a cosy place to settle down.

Ask someone to check in

Naturally, leaving your pet alone for days on end isn’t a sound idea. Regardless of the many precautions you take, domesticated cats need someone to check in on them once in a while.

Primarily, there are only two ways you can go about this. Either you call in a favor and ask a friend to take care of your cat during specified hours, or you pay a pet-sitter to do its job. But, you must make arrangements for someone to make sure your cat is fed and taking all necessary supplements or medications.

If none of these options are viable, and your trip is will take some time, leave your pet at a kennel to house it temporarily. Cats can require constant care, especially when they are kittens and regular supervision is necessary.

Prepare for your cat’s needs

Preparing for your cat’s needs includes everything from food to your cat’s favourite toys. Before leaving home, make sure that you leave enough food and water in a place accessible to your pet. A pro tip would be to stick to your cat’s usual eating spot. Similarly, put the cat litter, sleeping bed, and other amenities within close range.

If your cat is sick and you have arranged for someone to supervise, let the person know about its medications and preferably draw up a written schedule for them to refer to. Also, remember to leave your number with your pet’s sitter, and have them go over everything they need to do beforehand.

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