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How to turn water problems into business opportunities

How to turn water problems into business opportunities

Everyone understands the importance of water in our everyday lives. We need water to drink, to grow crops and raise livestock, in energy production, to maintain transportation systems, and to create virtually all the products that we use on a daily basis.

With population growth and economic development, there is an increasing need to balance all of the competing commercial demands on water resources so that communities have enough for their needs.

As human beings have an enormous impact on the Earth, we need to realize that the world of water is changing and that these changes are causing huge global problems. The necessary solutions to these problems are becoming increasingly complex and our best hope lies in our own ingenuity.

From drought to flood, pipes to pumps, agriculture to industry, the water market need innovation more than ever. In this article, we will discuss how to turn water problems into business opportunities.

1. Create a Chain of Drinking Water Stations

According to a joint study carried out by the World Health Organization and Unicef in 2019, there are 2.2 billion people worldwide who lack access to safely managed drinking water.

Additionally, over half of the global population, or 4.2 billion people lack safely managed sanitation services. For so many people to be without safe water and sanitation in the modern world is something that we should all be deeply ashamed of.

This shows the huge demand there is for clean, high-quality drinking water and those places are ideal locations for a water station business or NGO.

The drinking water station is a model that has been tested in many countries and has been shown to bring great results. A water station business is an admirable endeavour to undertake.

Your business will supply fresh drinking water for the local people through the stations that are installed and you can even link up with other organizations to become an official supplier for local schools, clinics, and hospitals.

The demand for clean drinking water in these places will ultimately increase since the quality of the water you are providing is better than what was available before and by providing an improved and affordable source of drinking water, the project will also strengthen local people’s resilience to the effects of climate change.

How to turn water problems into business opportunities

2. Create Water Purification/Filtration Systems

In its simplest form, a water filter helps decontaminate water by either using a physical barrier, a chemical process, or a biological process. There are many different types of water filters, and in our homes, we often use mountable filters to improve the quality of our tap water.

Water filters are used for a range of different reasons such as producing better smelling and tasting water, reducing the levels of hard metals and minerals, and eliminating the chance of harmful substances entering the body. 

Although many simple methods of filtering water have been proven to work well, there are still many places in the world that can benefit from the installation of effective water purification or filtration systems.

With the global supply of freshwater constantly under threat, finding new ways to produce clean water is a potential goldmine for any business. Find out what filter systems are currently being used and see if there are any improvements in application or technology that you could turn into a viable business.

3. Create Sustainable Water Conservation Products

With the spread of urbanization and increasing water scarcity in many countries with hot, humid climates like India and Vietnam, creating products that have a positive impact on the environment by using sustainable and renewable resources is a much-needed solution.

Something that can capture rainwater during monsoons and use solar energy during the rest of the year to power the filtration system would be a fantastic product to create and could be a highly profitable business.

Utilizing sustainable resources to create energy and environmental solutions is so important with the looming spectre of Climate Change and with so many people and countries looking to go green, eco-friendly products and companies will need to lead the way.

It is the role of the business world to think out of the box and come up with ingenious solutions to big problems. As the ongoing global water crisis is one of the biggest challenges facing the world today, there are huge opportunities for businesses to help fix the problem and make some serious profits at the same time.

This may mean new economic opportunities in providing clean water to places in need or creating innovations to improve water quality or conserve the limited global supplies. This is the perfect time for business owners to seize the opportunity and make water a big focus.

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