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The new startup disrupting the mens health industry

Erectile dysfunction sucks. It’s frustrating, unpredictable, and for many men it can be hard to talk about. But Numan – an exciting new men’s wellness startup – is seeking to change this, one erection at a time. By leading the discussion around conditions men find hardest to talk about – such as erectile dysfunction (ED) and hair loss – Numan is making big waves in the men’s health industry. Here’s how.

Numan: putting men’s health first

Numan’s goal is simple: to help men lead healthier and happier lives. ED and hair loss are sensitive subjects for men and can cause significant emotional distress if left untreated. Polls have shown that half of men in their 30s have experienced ED, and that 43% of men felt uncomfortable discussing their ED with their friends.

Being aware of this issue, Numan’s founder Sokratis Papafloratos launched Numan in February 2019 to provide effective ED and hair loss medication to the millions of men affected by these conditions.

But Numan’s support doesn’t end there. It has also published the Book of Erections – a free book for men who want to learn more about how their penises work and which lifestyle choices have an impact on their erections. To supplement the Book of Erections, Numan also created Numankind – a knowledge platform with heaps of useful information about men’s sexual health and beyond.

What makes Numan different? 

Numan is a far cry from the dubious ED medication providers you may have seen flash up in pop-up ads. For starters, it is approved by the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). This means that any medication provided has been licenced to be safely sold in the UK.

Secondly, to get a medication prescription through Numan you need to complete a short online form, which is then assessed by a registered clinician. This process ensures the medication you have ordered is safe for you to take, and does not conflict with another other medication you are on. Once your request has been approved, your medication is delivered straight to your door in a discreet package within 48 hours.

The content found on Numankind shows a similar level of thoughtfulness. Although its medical articles are scientifically influenced, they are still entertaining to read and empathetic to the reader’s conditions. Numan strikes the perfect balance between being approachable and authoritative – and it is Numan’s diligent, honest, and respectful approach to men’s health that distinguishes it as a forward-thinking men’s wellness brand.

The future of Numan

Following the success of its flagship ED medications (tadalafil, sildenafil, and finasteride), Numan has recently expanded its offerings to include tadalafil daily – a daily alternative of the popular little blue pill.

Whereas regular tadalafil takes around 30 minutes to take effect, tadalafil daily works continually throughout the day – allowing those experiencing ED to achieve erections on demand.

But this is just a stepping stone in the journey Sokratis and the team have planned for the rising men’s wellness brand. As he puts it: “we’re building Numan to be a man’s complete partner when it comes to health & well-being, and we’re just getting started”.

Numan is leading the conversation around men’s wellbeing and sexual health. More than that, it provides a solution to a problem that, without treatment, would leave millions of men feeling anxious, frustrated, and even emasculated. Its contribution to the men’s health industry is invaluable. As it continues to grow it is very likely that the positive impact it has on men’s sexual and mental health will continue to grow with it.

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