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3 industries that have been immeasurably transformed by the internet

The advent of the internet and subsequent increase of broadband speeds has meant that we now spend a mindboggling amount of time online. It goes without saying that there are various benefits and drawbacks to this; many detractors argue that the increased use of social media is actually making us less social as human beings and that the art of conversation has been lost in the online abyss. On the upside however, there are a number of industries that are using advancement of the internet to their advantage and are now reaping the rewards of the increased connectivity we enjoy as a society. If you’re looking for the best broadband provider, check  bästa bredbandet

On Demand Music

With platforms such as Tidal, Deezer and Spotify at our disposal, it’s fair to say that we have access to more music than ever before. But can anybody remember the dark old days of putting songs onto their classic iPods with a dial-up internet connection? In all fairness,we probably look back on those days with a certain fondness and long for the simpler times. However, the reality is that the internet has broadened our musical horizons and Spotify’s latest financial figures certainly suggest that it hasn’t done their profits any harm either. Of course, this is a double-edged sword – physical record sales continue to suffer due to the advent of the aforementioned platforms and apps.

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Online Casino

The sheer number of mobile devices with internet connectivity has lead to many people now choosing to do their gambling online. With a wide variety of games on offer including Starburst and Rise of Merlin, online casino players at sites such as redbet casino are spoilt for choice, especially when compared to the titles on offer in traditional brick and mortar casinos. Whilst the gambling sector was moving along quite nicely before the advent of online casino, the internet has breathed new life into the industry and the convenience of being able to bet from your mobile phone or tablet is a real winner in many customers eyes.


On the face of it, you could argue that the travel industry has been affected more than most by the advent of the internet and ensuing technological changes. At the turn of the century, it’s conceivable that booking a holiday would involve using a local travel agent. However, the modern day holiday-goer can now book their own flights and hotel online and effectively cut out the middle-man. It’s also worth pointing out that the internet has completely transformed the industry with regards to accommodation, too; sites such as airbnb and encourage a more cost-effective way of exploring and ensure that the large majority of holidays are salvageable no matter what the circumstances.

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The Future is Now…and Online

It’s no secret that as human beings, we are busier than ever. As a result of this, convenience has become a huge part of our lives; if it’s possible to do something on your mobile device from the comfort of your own home then, chances are, that is the option that most of us will pick. The internet is all about speed and convenience and with more industries now embracing the technological age we live in, it’s only a matter of time before everything goes digital.

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