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Tips to Organize Your Team for Digital Transformation

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Digital technologies are critical to the success of companies. According to a recent survey by McKinsey, 64% of business executives believed their companies must build new digital businesses to thrive in the current business environment. Therefore, as a business executive, you can’t afford to ignore digital transformation.

But what is digital transformation? This post will examine what it is and provide you with tips to organize your team for digital transformation.

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation (also known as DT or DX) is the process by which companies implement various technologies to improve existing business processes. Nonetheless, digital transformation isn’t limited to the adoption of new technologies.

According to Userlane, it also involves changes in corporate strategy, and it affects all aspects of a company. In totality, it involves organizational, operational, and cultural changes within a company.

Tips to Prepare Your Company for Digital Transformation

Many companies focus on technical aspects and give employees secondary importance when implementing digital transformation. Yet, like digital technologies, employees should also be given primary importance during the digital transformation process. Bearing that in mind, here are tips to prepare your team for digital transformation.

Bridge the Skills Gap

The digital skills gap is undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges facing companies looking to implement digital transformation. According to a recent survey by McKinsey, 87% of companies have a skills gap or expect to have one within a few years.

Before adopting digital transformation, conduct an assessment of the skills gap within your company. Once you identify the gap, provide your team members with learning opportunities to equip them with digital skills to close the gap.

Communicate the Benefits of DT

Most employees are resistant to change. When it comes to digital transformation, many employees may be unwilling to embrace change if they think they could become redundant due to DT.

Prepare your team members for the major changes that may come with DT by creating awareness about its benefits. Also, eliminate fears that DT will eliminate jobs by showing how it will supplement existing jobs. Doing so will reduce resistance among employees and give them confidence that they can thrive despite the changes.

Select Appropriate Tech Tools

When choosing tech tools for your company, you’ll come across numerous tools. While some of the tools you’ll encounter may come with various sophisticated features, they may be unsuitable for your company. For instance, an overly complex tool may have a steep learning curve, and employees may be reluctant to use it.

Therefore, when implementing new tech tools, ensure you pick tools that will simplify your existing operations instead of complicating them.

Hire a Chief Innovation Officer (CIO)

Implementing digital transformation isn’t easy, especially if you don’t have a solid understanding of digital technologies and processes.

Therefore, consider hiring a Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) to spearhead the digital transformation process. When recruiting for the position, look out for a candidate with strong project management, leadership, and analytical skills.

The digital transformation process shouldn’t focus solely on digital technologies. For the process to be successful, people should also be involved. If you’re adopting digital transformation within your company, use these tips to prepare your team for the transition.

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