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How you can make money from online gaming

Ever thought of using your poker skills to make money? Maybe you are a lucky person and always win when playing video games. You can turn your passion into a career. And if that sounds too much, you can at least make money gaming. Here’s how.

Monetize Live Streams

YouTube and Twitch provide platforms for gamers to showcase their skills. Join any of the platforms and start building an audience by displaying your video gaming wit. Play the most popular video games to draw the biggest crowds fast. But keep note you must be really good to attract a decent number of viewers.

If the popular games are crowded, consider casino games. There are hundreds of games worth watching on modern gambling sites. Slots aside, display your poker playing skills. Millions of people would love to learn poker or would at least get excited about watching an expert play. You don’t have to be an expert though. Charisma and the ability to win are more important. Once you hit several thousand viewers, monetize your platform.

If you just started, keep in mind that everyone can stream. You must be unique in the way you play to attract a large audience. By large, you need thousands of viewers to make any decent amount of money.

Consider Sports Betting

Video gaming is entertaining and easy to start off. But getting money off live streams can take months or years. By contrast, betting on sports has a low entry point and can make you profit on the first day.

Take football betting, for example. There can only be three outcomes at any match. The host team can win or lose to the visiting team. Alternatively, the match may end in a draw. As a sports bettor, you have the option to bet for either team or predict that neither team will win.

There are dozens of sports and major leagues you can bet on. Start with an online gambling guide. Join a betting website and deposit some funds. Look for a match with deposit odds and back a win, lose or draw.

On a good platform, you can bet on the number of goals to be scored or which player gets a red card. If you love eSports, many platforms support the genre. Sports punters can wager on which teams win or how many points they earn per game.

Full-time Casino Gaming

While it is easy to earn profits by playing slots part-time, going full-time seems nearly impossible for many players. The house edge ensures the company makes profits whether more people win or lose. Once in a while, someone will win the jackpot, but the house turns millions in revenue annually.

If you have the passion and want to pull it off,

  • Have an additional source of income
  • Be Patient
  • Know when to quit

You can’t always win. With machines shuffling cards and slots designed to decide winners sparingly, prepare for losing strikes. Even the best players go on a losing streak. Be prepared financially.

Once you start accumulating profits, invest elsewhere and prepare for your exit. Smart players don’t wait until they lose everything to retire from professional gambling. They join the industry with nothing but capital and leave with fortunes. But if you don’t want to quit, just remember to win more than you lose.

Game for Gifts

A few companies pay their members to play online games. Swagbucks and mypoints.com are the best platforms. To get started, you purchase gaming points on a platform like GSN.com or get them for free. You then choose games to play and stand a chance to win gift cards that can be converted into cash. With Swagbucks, you can maximize our profits by completing surveys and watching short videos.

Don’t expect to get rich with this type of gaming. But it is a sure way to make extra money. Each gift card is valued between $1 and $100. If you are lucky to play and win every day, you could easily make $500 or more per month.

eSports Gaming

Remember how we talked about monetizing live-streams? Join an eSports club. You will meet other gamers who do it full-time and get the support you need to become a professional. Nearly every developed world has eSports leagues and clubs there days. Search online on how you can join.

Last year, eSports champions earned in excess of $1,000,000 for the elite players. About one thousand gamers made at least $100,000 while over 5,000 of them earned $20,000 or more. If you are young and single, consider going pro. It will consume hundreds of hours to become an expert in any gaming genre. But once you start winning small tournaments, money will begin to flow in.

The biggest eSports tournaments happen in New York, Los Angeles, London and other major cities around the world. So, if you work hard enough as a professional, you could tour the world while making millions every year.

Become a Coach

The gaming industry is growing. Gone are the days when gaming belonged to amateurs. These days, gamers play to win. Even if it’s nothing serious, players want to have the skills and impress their friends. Becoming an e-gaming coach has a low entry. All you need is to be better than your student.

The payment starts at $25 per hour and can increase depending on your popularity as a gamer. Some coaches earn up to $200 per hour due to their high-level skills. If the money is not enough, you can supplement your income by doubling up as a journalist for gaming blogs. You can play-test new games or start a YouTube channel for things related to gaming.

To Conclude

If you love any form of online gaming, you can monetize it. Whether it’s casino games or video games, the market is ripe for gamers to make money. Choose which games you want to play and make it your passion. Don’t quit your job before you start making enough money to pay your bills. Finally, strive to increase your earnings every month.

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