Market leadership in the 3G market
A Hutchison 3G case study

Page 1: Introduction

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3G stands for third-generation mobile communication and can be viewed as wireless broadband for mobile phones. It is a radio communications technology offering: 3G is a contemporary development, with phones first being developed on a major scale in Japan in 2001. Today, more than half of Japanese mobile phone users use 3G. It spread to Europe in 2003 and its use is growing...
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Page 2: The Product Life Cycle

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Products go through a life cycle: When a new product is introduced to the market, consumers may have little awareness. Therefore, it is important to use promotional activity to give advice about the product's benefits. The next stage is growth. During this period more people find out about the product and purchase it. Finally is a stage of maturity when there is little expansion and a product...
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Page 3: What is marketing strategy?

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Marketing strategy describes how a business meets the requirements of its market. The marketing strategy must enable a business to deliver its objectives. Markets are made up of customers with wants and needs. Market planners must provide products and services that are better than those which competitors offer. The organisation with the most effective marketing strategy should become the market...
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Page 4: Product and market orientation

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Product orientation Production and marketing go hand in hand in successful businesses. You can only convince customers that you can meet their needs if you have the products to do so. 3G technology has significantly more bandwidth than 2G technology. More bandwidth means more space for transmitting large amounts of data e.g. videos rather than text. A 3G phone offers up to 384 kilobytes per...
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Page 5: Asset-led marketing

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An asset is something you have possession of. In this case, Hutchison Whampoa owns 3, which is the UK's market leader in 3G. This provides customers with a much greater range of communications benefits than non-3G offerings. Asset-led marketing involves using your material goods in the most efficient way the market determines this. Wise marketers know that assets work best when they meet...
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Page 6: Conclusion

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3G wireless technology provides an exciting new development in the way people communicate with each other. It enables us to use a much more comprehensive range of communication than previous forms. Because of the greater bandwidth the new technology offers, there are tremendous benefits to be gained by business and private users. Features such as high-speed internet connections and the...
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