Leading a revolution in banking
An Intelligent finance case study

Page 1: Introduction

Changes in society, markets and economies has intensified the need for most organisations to be more and more innovative with the products that they offer, in order to attract new customers and increase product holdings. New products and services can provide the mechanisms through which further market growth can be achieved. Increasing competition, which often stems from new products and services...
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Page 2: Identifying a gap in the market

In today’s technology driven, modern world, most organisations operate in highly competitive markets, this is particularly true of the financial services sector. Technology has been one of the key drivers of change within this market and most retail banks now offer on-line banking services. Until recently, most banks operated from the traditional high street branches, offering very similar...
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Page 3: Meeting customer needs

The Chartered Institute of Marketing use the following definition to describe marketing. 'Marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably.' This definition places the consumer at the centre of an organisation’s activities. Intelligent Finance set out to be the consumer champion. Organisations seek to offer...
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Page 4: Products, price and place

Intelligent Finance’s proposition combines both service and tangible products, which results in an integrated product – one could not operate as efficiently, or in the same way, without the other. In this case, transactions and accounts are totally integrated.Flexible technology enabled Intelligent Finance to develop this new product offering. The systems enable the bank to deliver...
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Page 5: Promotion

Promoting Intelligent Finance was an enormous challenge. Even though the bank provides the reassurance of being associated with the Halifax, which was already a well established household name, Intelligent Finance came to the market offering a radical and new approach to banking. Therefore Intelligent Finance needed to create a new brand identity, capable of promoting the bank not just to...
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Page 6: Conclusion

Technology has facilitated this new approach to banking. Intelligent Finance can now use the intelligence and information that telenet banking can provide – through measuring the number of hits on the web and the length of time of the hits etc - to continue to develop its products and services. Intelligent Finance knows that just as it has embraced technology, it is now a driver of change...
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