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JobToday: Quick Solutions for Business Staffing Problems

Photo by EVG Kowalievska from Pexels (cocktail-drink) and jobtoday.com

Job Today, the innovative job advertisement service, makes hiring employees easier and speeds up the recruitment process. It allows most employers to get enough responses and choose the best applicant in just 24 hours. Its feature is introducing an element of informal communication and breaking existing stereotypes. 

How Does It Work?

The Job Today app adds the elements of a social network and messenger to a job search website. When you register your business with it, you create a unique page that tells the brand story and demonstrates the benefits of working for your company. This page posts job offers that outline the nature of the job, the requirements for candidates, and the nuances of the hiring process. The entire process is completely free and only takes a few minutes. The app encourages live, informal communication without bureaucracy and, therefore, greatly simplifies the work of the HR department.

Another advantage of Job Today is the instant selection of applicants. As soon as you post a job, you see all the users nearby who meet the job requirements. If you wish, you can expand your search to a region or the entire country. All you need to do is to click a button and chat with an applicant to offer them a job. If the communication turns out to be interesting, you can switch to video chat mode.

A paid subscription is required for the employer to switch to chat with the job seeker. Job Today provides many flexible payment plans, so using the service will be beneficial to every business from a small coffee shop where the owner works to a giant corporation with thousands of employees.

What Is the Secret of Success?

The main advantage of Job Today compared to similar services is the opportunity to instantly establish contact with a potential employee. Practice shows that live chat in a service that resembles more of a messenger than a job search service allows you to learn more about an applicant than structured interviews.

The app allows you to quickly find employees in areas that require a quick response and do not have high requirements for candidates:

  • the restaurant business;
  • hospitality industry;
  • manufacturing;
  • medical and social services;
  • retail trade.

Most job offers in these fields close within 24 hours. This helps the company minimize the lack of employees and increase productivity by improving financial results. In addition, using the application reduces the workload of the HR department and minimizes the need for the services of recruitment agencies, which also positively affects the business.


Job Today is not just another recruitment service. It’s a handy tool that helps you find the perfect candidates in minutes, communicate with them online, and make a decision overnight. The app greatly simplifies the hiring process and optimizes the related company’s business processes.

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