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8 Pro Tips To Hire The Perfect Candidate

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Looking for the right candidate for your company is like finding a piece of the puzzle from the heap. It is there, and you just need to look patiently for it. You cannot force a part to fit in the puzzle. So, it is crucial to be clear with your vision. You need to know what kind of candidate you’re looking for and start segregating the rest. It can be a long and tedious process, but you need to be calm.

Pay attention to finer details

Have your HR sit with you during the interview and have someone notice the finer details. Suppose they’re fidgeting, looking restless. Look if they’re paying attention to what is being said. It is usual for candidates to be a bit nervous but try and see if they can concentrate on what is going on. Look at the body language and analyse them through it.

Determinant skills

You know the best what kind of candidate can do the job perfectly, and so you need to keep some skills and qualities in mind which will be there in your ideal candidate. This makes the task easier and helps you to screen the candidates. This also saves you time.

Basic knowledge

Look if your candidate has the basic knowledge about the department he will be working in. Look what they know about your company. This will give you an idea of whether the candidate does their homework or not. You will also know whether the candidate has basic knowledge in the field. However, if they do not and you feel that they’re the right person in every other aspect, you can simply teach them later.

Test them

Knowledge on paper does not always reflect in real life. Give them some tasks to complete and see if they can do them correctly. Give them time-bound tasks to see how they work under pressure and how well they can wrap up their work within the time frame. Do take into notice how they behave when under pressure. Look for companies like Meritos, who can help you find the right candidate for your job.

Ask the latest news

Ask about the latest updates that have been in your sector. Look if they are keeping up with the news. Have they been keeping up with the time and developments, or have they been slacking off? If there are gaps, ask if special reasons for such cracks arise. Try analysing the situation from their side too. Look if they have the hunger to know more and the curiosity to learn and do better.


Look into if they’re career-driven people or not. How badly do they want the job, and how much are they willing for it. See how they behave with their superiors and the other staff, even the group D staff. Others can appreciate only a person who respects others. You do not need any discontentment among your team. So, it is vital to have a team player.


Look into the candidate’s previous work history and make sure you cross-check their references. Go through the candidate’s resume and look into their previous workspaces to know about the candidate. Get feedback from the people they worked with. However, you should not focus too much on their past. Look to see if they have evolved from the person they were.


A company has its own set of values determined, which helps it run smoothly. Do check if the candidate’s values align with your company values and do not clash with each other. For the smooth sailing of a company and its employees, there needs to be a well thought out plan and values.

Your employees are the pillars of your company. Only if you hire the right person for the right job can you get maximum productive work done. So, it becomes essential for you to look for that perfect candidate to fill the position. Hiring can be time-consuming and stressful, so you need to look for career-motivated candidates and do not jump between jobs very often. You need to be patient and look between the lines and beyond the resumes.

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