Developing employees as organisational assets
A Kingfisher case study

Page 1: Introduction

Kingfisher plc is one of Europe’s leading retailers based around three main sectors - DIY, electrical and general merchandise. The company employs over 130,000 people in 2,900 stores across 15 countries and has some of the best known retail brands in Europe, including B&Q, Castorama, Comet, Darty, BUT, Woolworths and Superdrug among others. Kingfisher is Europe’s leading DIY...
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Page 2: The Kingfisher Management Development Scheme

The KMDS represents a key investment by the organisation in its human assets. The scheme takes high-potential graduates who want to make a career in retail, and provides them with a range of experiences and training designed to support their development to become senior managers within seven to ten years of joining the Group.The main objectives are: to support Kingfisher’s intention to fill...
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Page 3: Recruitment

Investing in a trainee over ten years involves significant cost as well as risk. The risk includes choosing the wrong type of person and equally importantly losing the person to another organisation during the training process. For this reason, Kingfisher places a great emphasis both on where it recruits and on the person specification used to select the right people.Graduate recruitment...
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Page 4: Evolving the KMDS programme

The KMDS was launched in 1995 and today has 172 individuals on the scheme working across the Group. All individuals following the KMDS route joined in their early 20s. Recently Kingfisher has recognised that there are benefits in opening up the process to existing high potential young managers across the Group. This will bring a new set of individuals to the fast-track process, and motivate...
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Page 5: Underlying philosophy of KMDS

'The way you grow the next new successful management cadre is to make sure that people come through who are able to understand these cultural differences and not just deal with them at a distance but close up.' says Louise Sproule, KMDS Resourcing Manager for the Group. Kevin O’Sullivan, 23 Current Role: Data Warehouse Analyst, Management Information Systems Department Company...
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Page 6: Conclusion

Kingfisher operates the KMDS for two reasons. First, it acts as an incentive to aid recruitment and retention of high quality external and internal candidates who can add value to the business throughout the process. Second, Kingfisher recognises that business success in a competitive market relies on being flexible and able to operate within different cultures. Therefore, its future senior...
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