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Know the Difference between Forward Proxy and Reverse Proxy Servers

Business owners have knowledge of the reverse proxy servers and they know how they are beneficial in protecting the servers in the IP network. Lately, it is found that some actually do not know the difference between proxy servers and reverse servers and they think that both are the same. But in real terms, they are not. In this post, you will know the difference between forwarding proxy and reverse proxy servers for the users.

The main purpose of the proxy server is to act on behalf of another hosting or server. The purpose of both the forward and reverse proxy server is to act on behalf of another server; either it arrives from the client, website server or the backend server. In this case, the proxy here is the middleman. There are various companies that provide proxies for residential and commercial establishments. To know more about the proxies and how they work, you can visit https://litport.net/ that provide residential, datacentre and mobile proxies.

What Do You Know About The Forward Proxy?

When people talk about the proxy server, precisely known as the server, it does not always mean the forward proxy. The forward proxy will provide the proxy service to the client or a group of clients. Often all these clients belong to the common internet network. When any member in the connection attempt to transfer a file server to the internet, it requests to pass through the forward proxy. Depending upon the forward proxy’s setting, the request can be allowed or denied by the user. When the forward proxy receives the response, it identifies it as the response to the request that passes through in the earlier stage. Thus, it sends that particular response to the client that makes the request.

The proxy can serve as the single point of access making it easier for the user to enforce authentication and SSL encryption. The forward proxy is used in the tandem with the firewall for enhancing an internal network’s security by focusing on the traffic coming from the clients in the internet IP network.

What Do You Understand By Reverse Proxy?

What you do know by reverse proxy? As the name implies, the reverse proxy does the opposite function as the forward proxy does. The forward proxy proxies on behalf of the users, whereas the reverse proxy generally proxies on behalf of the servers. The reverse proxy will accept the request from the external clients on behalf of the server.

The reverse proxy server acts as the load balancer for servers working behind them. Load balancers play a crucial role in offering high availability to the network IT service that gets a large volume of requests. When the reverse proxy does the function of load balancing, it generally distributes the incoming requests to a cluster of proxy servers.

However, both the forward and reverse proxies relay the requests and responses between the client and destination machines. In this post, we have talked about the difference between the reverse proxy and forward proxy. Proxy servers are needed for businesses to increase speed and to provide higher security. If you are running a business and want to buy proxies, you can visit https://litport.net/.

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