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Working Ways to Enter Blocked Websites

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In the modern world, the value of information can’t be overestimated. If you want to get access to the data, nothing can stop you. You can buy a proxy or VPN to get to the place you want. No matter whether you are trying to find the movie you wanted to watch for so long or get access to the library blocked in your area, there is a helpful guide for you.

Standard Tricks You Can Use

You can limit your actions with a few simple moves. Maybe, the website is still available to you anywhere except the computer. Check out the same address on your mobile device, via Google Translate, or change the IP address. If you can’t access websites, you have two standard solutions:

VPN. Find the most suitable VPN for your activities and install it. Don’t forget to keep it turned off and turn it on once you need it. This is a perfect solution for personal computers;

Proxy. You can enable the proxy you already have on your PC or install a new one. Proxy can be enabled on a computer or browser.

Mobile version

This happens rarely, but a website that you want to enter can have an unlocked mobile version. Besides, some blocking services that stand on your way to the website do not include mobile versions in the list of blocked addresses. You can check it by typing “m.” after the “www.” in the address.

IP address instead of domain

If your security somehow blocks the name of the address, you can use IP instead, which is the address that consists of numbers. Find the IP and enter it into the URL bar the same way you do with domains. Pay attention to important details:

  • Not all websites allow you to see the IP addresses. Some of them hide them from the audience, while others can use a wide range of IP addresses. Both options will not work for you;
  • If you have a problem searching for the IPs, you may not be able to enter the Command Prompt on your Windows or Terminal on Mac. Try to open the same programs on the PC with the unrestricted network. Bring the numbers you found to your usual working place;
  • You have to enter the address of the website in the major address bar.

Tor Browser

You can always use Tor for the content you can’t access. This is a free-of-charge browser that offers you anonymity while you are wandering around the web. It routes the traffic from your activity via numerous proxy servers. You can install Tor anytime you want and make it your alternative browser if you need it. Read this detailed instruction on the process:

  • Go to the Tor website in your browser;
  • Find the download option and click the link;
  • Wait till the Tor is downloaded on your device. You can find it either in the browser or in Downloads;
  • Complete the installation process following the given recommendations;
  • Now you can open Tor and click Connect;
  • Once you are connected to the browser, you can enter the website you want.

Public DNS from ISPs

Different Internet Service Providers create specific DNS to limit access to the websites. If your ISP does the same, you have to bypass the block. The best thing to do is to try Google Public DNS. If you want access, just change the DNS to the Google Public DNS IP address in the DNS configuration of the network.


Proxy is a link between your device and the address of a website you want to visit. It does not only hide your location or allow you to enter blocked websites, it makes your visits to the web more protected. No one can find your traces since you simply don’t leave them. There are numerous free or affordable proxies you can try. Proxy allows you to switch the country so you can bypass the local restrictions. Since proxy does not connect you directly to the website but connects to it itself, and you visit the cached website version, it may work slower.


VPN or Virtual Service Network is something you can easily install in your browser and switch it on whenever you need to enter blocked sites. No matter whether they are geographically restricted or considered to be potentially dangerous, VPN arranges encrypted links between the Internet and your computer. It is considered to be more secure than a proxy since it encrypts the entire connection. Yet, it does not work well for the entire company.

Enter Blocked Sites With Ease

You can easily access any website you want with the proper tool. Check out all of the options described in the article and find the one that is most helpful in your case. You may install both proxy and VPN and use them for different occasions. Make sure you are using a secure way to reach the information you need.

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