London 2012 - achieving the vision
A London 2012 case study

Page 1: Introduction

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The Olympic and Paralympic Games are the world's largest peace-time event. The modern Olympic Games were first held in Greece in 1896 and since 1960, the Paralympic Games have provided athletes with disabilities with the opportunity to compete at the highest level. All athletes are encouraged to live by a set of shared principles -the Olympic and Paralympic Values of friendship, equality, respect...
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Page 2: The vision

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A vision is an idealised picture set out in words. It gives everyone involved in a venture or project the same view of what is to be achieved. Directors or owners of an organisation set a vision to provide a clear direction for its activities. The vision for London 2012 is: 'to use the power of the Games to inspire change' . LOCOG wants to inspire change in lots of different ways. It wants to...
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Page 3: Values

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LOCOG's values represent what the organisation stands for and reflect the spirit of the Olympic ideals. Its values are interconnected:  Values can affect: who LOCOG chooses to do business with how it carries out its activities the behaviour of the people that work for the organisation. For example, LOCOG's values provide a quality standard of how the organisation will achieve its...
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Page 4: Objectives

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The London 2012 vision sets out a broad aim for everyone to work towards. The LOCOG values help people to work together to achieve this vision but it is important to break the vision down into more precise objectives. LOCOG's objectives are wide-ranging. It needs to: stage an inspirational Olympic and Paralympic Games for the athletes, the Olympic Family and the viewing public deliver the...
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Page 5: Objectives in action

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The London 2012 Games have a particular emphasis on engaging young people. London 2012 has pledged to inspire children and young people all around the world. One of the ways in which LOCOG is delivering on that promise is through the official London 2012 education programme, Get Set   The Get Set programme gives children and young people the chance to learn about the London 2012 Games...
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Page 6: Conclusion

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London 2012 provides a tremendous opportunity to create a force for good in society and this is reflected in its core objectives. Creating inspirational Games that will involve everyone provides a range of opportunities. It will extend the hand of friendship and encourage longer term participation in sport and cultural activity across the UK.London 2012 is not, however, just about sport. It...
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