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Marketing Tips and Strategies – LinkedIn for Lawyers

More than 90 percent of businesses use LinkedIn as a marketing strategy. Lawyers can use this digital channel to generate leads, drive traffic to their website, and even build authority. According to dNovo Group, SEO specialists for lawyers, law firms that fail to use social networking actively are making a mistake.

A social networking platform like LinkedIn can drive growth and increase brand awareness. Here are marketing tips and strategies that will help to keep you ahead of the competition.

Optimizing Attorney Profile

It is important to understand that SEO does not just apply to websites, but it is also applicable to social networking. Search engine optimization helps to increase visibility, traffic, and brand awareness. As a lawyer, you can increase your visibility, ensuring that your profile is ranked high on search engines.

When queries on attorneys and other related topics are submitted through Google and other search engines, they can find you. Remember, most traffic goes to the first page of results. Understanding the metrics that search engines use will be helpful.

Detailed Attorney Profile

It is important to ensure that your profile is as detailed as possible. Those common generic company and personal pages do not generate adequate leads. Basic information about your firm or you personally does not give adequate information.

If those seeking information do not understand the benefits of working with you, they will look elsewhere. You must ensure that your profile stands out from others. Explain the features of your service, and make sure that your profile explains the added value that the clients can expect.

Value Packed Content

It is important to think about the content that you provide on your pages. Content marketing is essential for any attorney or law firm that hopes to remain ahead of the pack. Find out how to leverage the algorithm. Good content or information-packed resources will help to increase your reach and to build trust with prospective clients.

Firms that do not publish anything are failing to take advantage of the options available with content marketing. You can promote videos, blog posts, podcasts, and even case studies by posting effective content on LinkedIn.

Making the Right Contacts

An important component of content and social media marketing is connecting with others. As a lawyer, connecting with others in the industry will help you to make the right relationships. By using your LinkedIn effectively, you connect not just with anyone but with the right people.

You can reach the ideal partners and clients through a targeted marketing initiative. As dNovo Group, SEO specialists for lawyers suggest, to get the best results, you need to connect with your ‘buyer persona.’ Targeting too broad an audience can be counterproductive.

Expanding Brand Awareness

You should leverage your company as well as your personal pages to expand your brand awareness. Use your LinkedIn to increase the number of prospects that you can reach. Using both the company and your personal pages is important to build firm awareness.

You should not focus all your activity on the company page, neglecting your personal profile. Following the LinkedIn best practices will help you to grow your profile. Creating professional graphics can help to optimize your page.

A Great Profile Headline

The best way to attract the attention of prospective clients is by using a great profile headline. This is the first message that people see, and it should be as catchy as possible. It is important to realize that most people only read headlines and rarely go into the content. The message you use on your profile should make people want to read the content.

As an attorney on LinkedIn, you should aim to grab attention, deliver value and encourage your readers to take action. A catchy headline can be developed to build trust among prospects.

Leveraging LinkedIn Groups

As an attorney, leveraging legal LinkedIn groups can help you reach a wide audience. Some groups can enable you to reach up to thousands of people simultaneously. The groups are usually focused on one topic, and you can use the forum to participate and answer questions.

This will help to build authority, trust, and credibility. The groups offer a great opportunity to share content you have published, such as videos, blog posts, or case studies. Instead of taking time to build a large audience, you can take advantage of those already in the groups.

Posting original legal content will help to boost your LinkedIn profile. Content creation has continued to grow as people realize the benefits of content marketing on social media. LinkedIn offers a content management system (CMS) that you can use to post articles.

You can even include featured images in your articles. You can get ideas for content using different online tools. The idea is to post content that is relevant to readers or prospective clients.

Providing social proof is vital on social media. Your LinkedIn profile can allow you to grow your brand. You can use testimonials and recommendations to build trust and generate conversations. Think of how prospects will benefit from the interaction. You can also use the profile to display any awards that you may have worn.


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