Operating Globally Through Technology
A Morgan Stanley case study

Page 1: Introduction

This case study focuses on how information technology enables Morgan Stanley Dean Witter to operate within the global financial market place and maintain a competitive advantage. Morgan Stanley Dean Witter is a global financial services company that seeks to maintain a leading market position in each of its business areas: securities asset management credit and transaction services. It...
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Page 2: The Shrinking World

The most significant developments in the business environment over recent years have been the internationalisation and globalisation of businesses. Internationalisation refers to the process of increasing involvement in international operations. Globalisation is an approach that actively seeks conformity in products, markets, promotion and branding, based on the belief that differences in...
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Page 3: The Changing Environment

One of Morgan Stanley Dean Witter's most fundamental responses to the developing global financial market, has been the application of new technology to address the challenges it faces. Rapid developments in information technology mean that systems soon become outdated. International financial markets change rapidly and organisations must develop information technology systems that can support...
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Page 4: THe Financial Market Place

Advances in information technology have made the world a smaller place and enabled organisations to operate globally. In the financial sector, information technology allowed investment, ie. capital, to enter foreign markets freely and investors to gain the best returns regardless of national borders. It has also made it possible for capital to exit a country just as easily. This was demonstrated...
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Page 5: Information Technology

Information technology includes the use of three electronic technologies: computing hardware telecommunications and networks applications and the way they gather, store, process and distribute information. Computers handle and process data. The data which is provided requires a context and therefore it is only when data is processed in a particular way, for example added together or viewed as...
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Page 6: Responding To Change

Morgan Stanley Dean Witter must continue to seek more accurate predictions of trends and respond to changes in order to maintain a competitive advantage. The information on which it bases its strategic decisions needs to be as up to date, accu-rate and as transparent as possible to meet its clients' needs because customers now want advice, products and liquidity across all geographic markets. A...
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Page 7: The Goals Of Straight Through Proccess

Morgan Stanley Dean Witter is currently implementing a concept called Straight Through Processing. This will be put into place over a multi year period, with the aim of producing a seamless customer service. This represents a shift not only in the information technology infrastructure, but also in organisational structure as it moves from procedure to event driven. The aims of Straight Through...
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Page 8: Conclusion

Information technology is the key to Morgan Stanley Dean Witter's ability to operate globally. The global financial services industry is an exciting, fast moving environment which requires dynamic, innovative responses both from its people and its systems. Straight Through Processing aims to meet the challenges faced by the global financial services industry. It also enables Morgan Stanley Dean...
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