Developing competitive advantage through customer service
A Morrisons case study

Page 1: Introduction

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Morrisons was founded over 100 years ago, as a stall in Bradford market. It has been a family business for most of the time since. Under Sir Ken Morrison’s 55-year leadership, until he retired in 2008, the company grew steadily ‘from market stall to superstore.’ With over 450 stores, it is now the UK’s fourth largest food retailer. Differentiating the business Amongst the...
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Page 2: Customer service

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High quality customer service is a key way in which a business can differentiate itself from another. Morrisons’ customer service strategy is simple: to provide the best customer service by developing the best-trained and motivated colleagues within an environment where the top large supermarkets compete for market share. Its specialist in-store butchers, bakers and fishmongers work on...
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Page 3: Measuring customer service

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Morrisons measure its customer service in a number of ways. Quantitative measurement often takes place through exit surveys in every store each month. Qualitative measurement often takes place through methods such as mystery shops, which allows the gathering of customer opinions and comments. The ‘Morrisons miles’ card rewards regular petrol station users who collect points from...
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Page 4: Colleague engagement

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Encouraging customer-focused behaviour The behaviour of Morrisons' colleagues has a direct influence on the level of customer service received in store. To ensure that colleagues perform to the best of their ability, Morrisons offers extensive training and development opportunities and recently won the title of ‘Employer of the Year’ at the 2011 Oracle Retail Week Awards for its...
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Page 5: The benefits of customer service

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Morrisons focuses on developing colleagues in order to satisfy customers in the best way possible. Colleagues are encouraged to engage with customers and help them to feel that they are a part of the Morrisons’ family. This helps create loyal customers by offering the best fresh produce and excellent customer service. Colleagues are trained to help play a key role in delivering good customer...
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Page 6: Conclusion

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Morrisons aims to be the best supermarket for fresh foods to give it an advantage over its competitors. This is achieved through its unique ‘field to fork’ integrated approach which allows it to control its own supply chain to ensure that food is fresh and of the highest quality. Morrisons trains colleagues through customer service initiatives such as ‘HOT’ to become...
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