Creating the right marketing mix
A Motorola case study

Page 1: Introduction

Marketing involves finding out what your customers want and then meeting their requirements. To satisfy its customers, a business must create a successful mix of: the right product or service sold in the right place at the right price using the most effective forms of promotion. This is sometimes referred to as the 4Ps. This case study shows how Motorola has created an effective...
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Page 2: Product

The first element in the marketing mix is the product itself. If you create products that customers want, the other parts of the mix can be designed to meet customer needs. Motorola is a global leader in wireless and broadband communications technologies and related electronic products. It has significant operations in the UK employing approximately 2,400 people.  It covers a number of...
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Page 3: Price

Price is the one element of the marketing mix which creates sales revenue - all the others are costs. For companies like Motorola, price is a key element in the marketing mix. It is a critical selling point. 'Getting the price right' is a vital part of building relationships with customers. As with other companies, prices charged by Motorola are linked to the product life cycle. When a new...
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Page 4: Place

Though figures vary widely from product to product, roughly a fifth of the production cost of an item goes on getting it to the customer. The term 'place' deals with various methods of transporting and storing goods and then making them available to the customer. Getting the right product to the right place at the right time involves the distribution system. Distribution is the process of...
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Page 5: Promotion

Promotion includes all of the techniques that a company uses to communicate with other individuals and organisations. Companies like Motorola send communications and consumers receive them. An important avenue for communication is advertising. Advertising is referred to as 'above the line' promotion. Other types of promotion such as special offers and discounts are referred to as being 'below...
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Page 6: Conclusion

Motorola is an exciting high-tech company. Its vision is to provide seamless mobility. In the modern age, communication and the sharing of information is a major goal of consumers. They want to be able to share a joke with friends, access important information on the move, listen to music of their choice. In short, to make best use of their time and the communications available to...
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