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Online casino games of chance vs. games of skill: what’s the difference?

Online casino games are broadly classified into two categories: games of chance and games of skill. There are even legal definitions for the two categories, but these definitions are not completely exclusive. For every game of chance, there will always be an element of luck involved. Similarly, for each game of luck, there will also be a place for your skill and strategy that can increase the chances of winning the game.

Classification of Games of Chance vs. Games of Skill

Since most games have elements of both luck and skill in certain proportion, the classification of online casino games into those of chance and those of luck is done based on which element plays a prominent role. For instance, the result of a game of roulette or slots mainly depends on luck and your skills have little role in altering the outcomes.

Hence, such games are usually counted as games of luck. And the results of games like poker or chess depend significantly on your skill and strategies, with luck having only a small part to play, and are hence treated as games of skill.

Features and Differences of Games of Chance and Games of Skill

Now, let’s take a look at the distinct characteristics and differences that determine whether a game is one of chance or skill:

  • Alterability of outcomes

For online games of chance, the results are based on a robust computer program called RNG (Random Number Generator). It generates perfectly random results fully independent of any external influence. In other words, your skills cannot alter the outcomes. On the other hand, in a game of skill like chess, poker or blackjack, whether you win or lose will be based on how well you apply your skills in playing the game.

If you are a new player, you may lose some money initially as it may take some time to hone and perfect your skills. On a side note, new players can compensate some of the losses by way of bonuses. If you are a new player, you may check out any of the online casino bonus checker sites to find out the offers of the season.

  • Opponent

Games of skill are usually played in a group of at least two players while those of chance are mostly played against the house. Thus, in poker, when you win, you win by beating the other players using your skills. However, when you play a game of roulette or bingo, there are no other players as opponents. You only play against the house. The house pays you when you win, and when you lose, your money goes to the house.

  • Uniformity and consistency

In a game of chance, the game rules are almost always rigid and uniform. How many ever times you play a game of chance, the process is the same and the results are always consistent with the rules. It could even look monotonous to many players. On the other hand, a game of skill involves the possibility of multiple and exciting pathways from the start of the game to its end. And it is the players who decide which path the game will take.

In a chance game, you place a bet, set the game in motion, and see the result. However, in a skill game, each player has a countless number of optional steps to take in between. The combined effect of such steps of all players will decide if the game will be dull or an exciting one. The length of the game can also vary accordingly, whereas, in an online game of chance, the duration of the gameplay is the same for most games every time you play.

  • Degree of activeness

Games of chance are more passive when compared to games of skill. For instance, when you play roulette, you don’t have much to do or even think other than placing the bet. Once the bet is placed and the wheel is set to motion, you just have to wait for the result. If you win, you get a reward, and if you lose, you lose your bet. You don’t really have to use your brain unlike in, say, a game of Texas Hold’em poker where you have to think carefully before discarding a card or taking one. You have to have to calculate what is going on in your opponents’ minds too.

  • Different types of excitement

Your mental makeup will decide whether you will enjoy a game of chance or that of skill more. That is because both categories of games provide a different kind of excitement. If you find joy in ‘exploring the unknown’ and are inclined to think, ‘let nature take its course,’ you will like games of chance, because there is an excitement in anticipating a random and completely unexpected result. However, if you find excitement in planning, strategizing and implementing the plan to drive the game in a direction that brings a result you contemplate beforehand, games of skill are more suitable for you.

Final Thoughts

Both games of chance and games of skill have their benefits and drawbacks and neither is for perfect for all players. Instead, you have to give each a try and find out which category appeals to you.

In online casinos, the games don’t depend on physical apparatuses like traditional ones. Instead, you get a simulation of the apparatus on your computer or mobile screen. They work with computer programs which have made the games of chance more so than ever as they are not affected by any external factors. Similarly, lovers of games of skill will find the perfect environment to put their skills to work.

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