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Online training resources to better your workforce

As an employer, you have to do what is best for your company. Typically, this also means you have to do the best for your employees so that they, in turn, can work better for you. As such, you have to be as invested in their progression as you are in your company’s success. Yes, it will always be cheaper to hire unskilled workers, but that is not how you better your business or grow. Hiring new employees often to replace older ones is also not good business practice. You want to create a loyal, hardworking workforce who are the best in their field, which means that you need to do more than merely manage the work they do – you have to give them the opportunities to become further qualified and learn more.

With the power of technology and the vast wealth of digital resources out there, it has never been more easy or affordable to train all of your employees so that they can do a better job. Even in the worst case scenario, they will be more hireable if they ever have to leave your company. Here are the top examples of these online resources that you should implement into your company culture immediately:

Online Training

The power of online education is expanding. People can learn about any topic under the sun for free, they can read public industry reports, and they can watch tutorials, read articles, and so much more. In order to really put online education to work, however, you have to choose courses that offer certification, like the Iosh Working Safely certification offered by Phoenix Health & Safety. These certifications are affordable, meaning that you could pay for your employees to conduct these key training courses and be better employees as a result.

Tip: Show them online resources that offer free online courses from universities so that they can round out their education and experience in any way they see fit. This will help them feel more valuable, help them expand their understanding of the world, and can even help them come up with innovative ideas that will better your company exponentially.

Send Them Recommended Reading

Learning does not have to come with a certificate, either. You could better all of your employees simply by giving them a small reading list for them to get through either at work or at home each week. One or two articles that take a few minutes of their time will do wonders to help keep everyone up to speed on what is happening in the world. For larger reports, you should even consider going through and creating a summary of the important information everyone should know. This way you can guarantee everyone has this basic information without infringing on their home lives or taking too much time out of their workday. Ten minutes a week to catch up on key news and facts in your industry is a small price to pay.

Every business should aim to train its employees as much and as often as they can. From in-person training, to conferences, to certifications, and finally to online certifications and recommended reading lists. You will help your employees better themselves and better your company, and help them become more valuable in the industry at large.

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