Launching a new product range
A Patak's case study

Page 1: Introduction

Successful marketing organisations develop product ranges to meet the needs of selected groups of customers. These groups are identified by research which analyses customers’ needs and compares them with the products which are currently available. This allows the identification of gaps in the market where a new product could be introduced to meet a need which is not currently being satisfied...
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Page 2: The product

Patak’s was set up by the father of the current Chairman and Chief Executive, Kirit Pathak, in the late 1950s. On his arrival in the UK from Kenya, LG Pathak began by selling samosas from home to raise sufficient capital to buy his first small shop in North London in the late 1950s. The business expanded with the introduction of other products, including pickles and chutneys, as orders...
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Page 3: Product development

In addition to developing recipes passed down through the generations by both Meena’s and Kirit’s families, new recipe ideas are constantly being created, all made from authentic Indianingredients. The Patak’s range of pastes, for example, were created to preserve the original taste of spices by encapsulating them in vegetable oil. Fresh aromatic spices and fragrant herbs are...
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Page 4: Consumer dynamics

In recent years consumers of curry pastes have been predominantly in the ABC1 categories (i.e. professional people and those in higher income groupings - doctors, teachers, accountants, business managers, office administrators, etc.). The market is also largely made up of younger adults in the 25-44 year age range who are more cosmopolitan in their eating habits (rather than older people who...
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Page 5: Targeting a market

Marketing specialists need to have a clear view of their targeted customer. Knowing who your customer is enables you to choose the right sort of marketing mix - getting the product right, promoting and advertising your product in the most appropriate way, selecting the most suitable price and putting the product in the most convenient place for the consumer - e.g. on the expected shelf in their...
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Page 6: Conclusion

AC Neilsen’s research has shown that Patak’s is “the most authentic brand of Indian food in the United Kingdom” and the success of the company goes well beyond our own shores. Patak’s is the market leader in over 40 countries worldwide, as shown below in the statistics for brand share in selected markets. By effectively building new brands and ideas designed around...
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