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QA With Erik Bouaziz Co-Founder Of Bouaziz Rehabilitation Center

Bouaziz rehabilitation center is a privately owned institution. It has earned an enviable and reputable position in terms of effectiveness of drug rehabilitation programs. In an interview, Erik Bouaziz – CEO of Bouaziz rehabilitation center sheds lighter on the center’s operations.

What Is The Most Thing You Have Acquired In This Business?

I believe that the only way to grow is to constantly be inquisitive about everything associated to your corporate. Don’t let your self-image get in the way and never assume that you know everything. Don’t be anxious to make mistakes and the most significant thing is to just ask for help. I was amazed by how many people are willing to help when you have confidence in your undertaking and you simply ask. I learned early in the business that you cannot do it alone if you want to succeed. You need to establish a great team and trust that they will do well. Delegating is crucial for growth.

What Inspired You To Become An Entrepreneur And Co-Founder Of Bouaziz Rehabilitation Center?

I was very interested in enlightening and positively influencing individuals’ lives. The feeling of encouraging and contributing to the overall quality of the life of a patient is tremendous.

Why Are You The Best To Run This Establishment?

I have come to learn that entrepreneurship is not all about the most experienced or the keenest. It is about who desires it most, and I want it most. It is how much you are willing to take the risk and thrust to achieve your mission. Most of all, I am fascinated by people and experiences.

Would You Acclaim Other People To Open Their Own Business And Why?

I have already started to take more initiative in promoting entrepreneurship among individuals. I am thankful to live in a timeline where things are developing and people are taking the place they deserve across the globe. I trust that we have an expressive and definite nature that can change the way we run businesses today. I will recommend everyone to start their own businesses, irrespective of their specialized field and experience. Being an entrepreneur is the only way that can help you learn more about your profession.

What Are The Greatest Encounters You Face In Your Job?

 It is not an easy job running Bouaziz rehabilitation center. I face many challenges on a daily basis. I think of these challenges not as problems but prospects. My greatest challenge is to continue to offer innovative programs.

What Is Your Best Landfill To Staying Vigorous While You Are Running A Startup?

I am still working on it. I don’t go to the gym regularly, I sleep almost eight hours a night and I have a plant-based diet. My physical needs are surpassed by targets, progress and growth. However, I am always conscious of my limits and I know how to take care of myself. We once had an important deadline for which I had worked for weeks continuously. When the task was complete, I took a day off so as to relax and breath back to normal. My best advice is to take time to know yourself and do whatever works for you. You are allowed to do whatever makes you comfortable.

What Is The Biggest Slipup You Have Made?

My biggest slipup is that I didn’t believe more in myself. I had many ups and downs on whether to start the Bouaziz rehabilitation center or not. I had to choose between my dream and financial security. I was prudent enough to choose my dream for I kept thinking of the happiness of each patient training with our programs. I think the center could have grown faster if I had not hesitated in the beginning. Nevertheless, this thought is pushing me on daily basis to achieve more.

What Do You Do To Get The Word Out About Your Company And Its Programs?

Word of mouth accounts for a majority of our exposure. We are privileged in the sense that we are a rehab owned company. Each weekend we have the opportunity to meet new clinicians around the state during our 2 day seminars. We get to share ideas and learn from them on what is practical and what is unrealistic.

Are You Currently Involved With Any Developments? Are There Any Projects That You Would Like To Be Involved With?

Over the past few years, Bouaziz rehabilitation center has been involved in numerous projects. We have been fortunate to have many hospitals become interested in involving their patients with us. Early on in the development of Bouaziz rehabilitation center, we created an advisory board to oversee our programs. We are proud to have pioneers in the field on the board. They review all the proposals we receive from the hospitals. Following their assessment, they provide critical feedback and commendations to improve the quality of the programs.

What Is Your Best Advice To Future Entrepreneurs?

Believe in yourself enough to make it happen. Be open minded and accessible to ideas that challenge yours. Be adaptable and talk about your ideas with everyone you meet. Don’t cry too much over your failures and prepare for the most unexpected journey that you can take in your life.

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