The role of training and development in career progression
A Redrow case study

Page 1: Introduction

In competitive markets a successful business relies heavily on providing excellent customer service. Such excellence requires a team of effective employees, committed to being the best and having the necessary skills and abilities. Redrow Homes is such a business. Redrow began in 1974 as a small civil engineering business in North Wales specialising in drainage sub-contracting. It grew rapidly and...
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Page 2: Workforce planning

The world of work is an ever changing environment requiring constant monitoring and review. There are many issues that businesses face in respect of its labour needs. The main ones include:• staff development and training;• employee turnover;• competition;• government legislation. The building industry is highly competitive, has a high labour turnover rate and, like many...
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Page 3: Training

Training is the process of instructing an individual about how to carry out tasks directly related to his or her current job. The purpose of training staff is to develop existing skills or gain new ones. This contrasts with development which involves helping individual employees to achieve their full potential, regardless of whether this is related to their existing position or role.  There...
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Page 4: Development

Redrow is firmly committed to developing its staff; a key element of its development process is a comprehensive appraisal system. An appraisal involves a manager meeting with his or her staff and discussing their individual progress against previously agreed targets. Any improvements from training are noted and then a new set of targets are agreed for the next phase of the employee’s...
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Page 5: Roles and responsibilities

Redrow ensures low employee turnover levels by offering extensive staff development opportunities. These range from building and selling new homes, to roles in architecture and design, quantity surveying, accountancy, conveyancing, HR, customer service, marketing, IT and office administration. With some apprenticeship and graduate schemes on completion there are no full time jobs available...
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Page 6: Conclusion

Redrow seeks to maintain its reputation for excellent customer service and corporate social responsibility through training and developing its staff to their full potential. It does this through its apprenticeship and graduate training programmes, utilising its existing staff and its state-of-the-art training centre to provide a full and extensive package of off-the-job and on-the-job training...
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