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Reducing Idle TIme for Vehicle Fleets

Idling is perhaps the most financially draining problem one can experience when managing a fleet of vehicles. Commercial vehicles often cover large areas of ground, aiding with loading, offloading and picking up goods or customers. Whilst some idle activity is to be expected as employees take well deserved rest breaks or are waiting in traffic, a lot of idle time could be easily avoided.

Whilst drivers are the backbone of the fleet industry, they can also be a main source of idle time amongst a fleet. As operators are driving all day, some drivers tend to leave their engines running constantly, even when resting or not moving. This can quickly cause fuel costs to soar. One study has shown cars to be idle for an average of three hours a day, with some being idle for a whopping eight hours a day. It is important to remember not all idling is caused by your drivers. All drivers will also encounter traffic at some point in the day, or have to cross borders which can lead to an increase in unavoidable idle time. Whilst traffic is unavoidable, some drivers may not be checking which route is quickest for them to take, meaning they encounter more traffic.

Installing GPS trackers within your vehicle fleet will help you become aware of the issues causing idle time, allowing you to address these with your employees. GPS trackers from expert providers like Online Spy Shop provide real-time GPS updates, helping with re-routing, vehicle reports and journey plotting. All of these features allow you to monitor driver behaviour, speeding, idle time and much more. If you are spotting a consistent problem across your fleet, this could allow you to offer extra training for employees.

Reduce costs and emissions

One of the major benefits of fleet tracking is the opportunity to lower your operating costs. With fleet data, and greater productivity, less fuel will be going to waste on idle time. Some businesses, after installing GPS trackers, shaved 15% off their annual fuel costs. The added benefit of reducing your fuel costs is that reduced emissions are better for the environment. This shows the public and competitors that your business is trying to operate more sustainably.

Better planning

GPS trackers allow you to pre-plan your drivers’ routes, so they can avoid roadworks, congested areas and toll bridges as much as possible. This saves on fuel, idling and the time the driver would have spent queuing in traffic. GPS trackers also allow you to see if your driver is straying from their planned route so you can guide them back on their way.

More efficient service

Reducing idling is not only better for keeping business costs down, it is also great for the customer, as they are receiving a more efficient service. Reducing idling will ensure deliveries are delivered on time, keeping your customer happy. With GPS tracking, your driver can also alert customers when they are nearby, allowing customers to be prepared for their delivery, which further increases your fleet’s efficiency.

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