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Tevfik Arif and Donald Trump what is the link

Tevfik Arif and Donald Trump
Photo by RDNE project: pexels

Tevfik Arif (Tofik Arifov) is a former employee of the USSR Ministry of Trade known to many residents of Kazakhstan. He moved to the West after the collapse of the Soviet Union, as he realized that the future belonged to more developed countries. As a result, his instinct allowed him to achieve impressive success. He has become a business partner of Donald Trump himself.

Trump is the current president of the United States of America. This state is one of the most influential countries in the world so being in close relations with its president is a huge success.

How did it happen that Trump and Arif had crossed?

Tevfik Arif began to build his own business after moving to the States. At that time Trump was an ordinary businessman who developed his business. As a result, the point of their intersection was a common real estate project: they had succeeded in making good money and decided to continue their joint work.

The cooperation was also not terminated after Trump became president of the United States. Since one of the parties began to pay a lot of attention to politics, however, his business continues to function. Therefore, Tevfik Arif continues to implement joint projects with Donald Trump.

What else is Arif famous for?

About five years ago his name was at the centre of rumours that the businessman was planning to buy the Aston Villa football club, which at that time was put up for sale. The owner wanted to sell it for 250 million pounds, however, for unknown reasons, the deal did not take place. But not so long ago, these rumours have found a new life: from the beginning of 2019, one can increasingly hear that Tevfik Arif is still going to invest in the purchase of a famous football club. True, this year he will have to pay more for the club, since in almost five years the price for him managed to grow significantly.

Considering that Tevfik Arif has been working with Donald Trump for several years, the desire to make such purchases is understandable: it is customary to spend money on such things in these circles of society.

The close cooperation of Tevfik Arif and Donald Trump can be very useful for Kazakhstan. Arif can tell the US President a lot about Kazakhstan as a native of this country, and in one way or another contribute to the adoption of political decisions that are beneficial for Kazakhstan. In addition, Trump can always turn to him for advice if he is not completely sure of his action strategy regarding the country in which his business partner was born.

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