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The role of XLN in the lives of leaders today

Many leaders today think that once they become the CEO or the president of a company, that’s it – it’s the highest they can ever achieve. Little do they know that even CEOs need coaching, too, to improve. Being a CEO means you’re not just engaged with your business. It means you’re zealous about it. Good enough is never good enough until you achieve greatness on a professional level. If you’re this type of leader, then you may be XLN material.

What is XLN?

XLN (Executive Leadership Network) is an exclusive business network that aids qualified senior executives and CEOs, through a transformational Executive Coaching program. This business network helps them improve their performance, overcome challenges in the industry, and take their business to the next level. In short, XLN enables leaders to learn from each other, which results in greater business success and enriched personal life.

All the members of this program are peers who share common success in management and business, and a commitment to a continued development personally and professionally. They also share a desire to connect with other like-minded executives within a confidential environment. Through this program, you can build awareness and competencies among top executive leadership. This means you’ll be more adept at resolving conflicts and be better at solving problems. You’ll also improve your communication skills.

The goal of Executive Leadership Network is to educate and transform leaders like you in improving your professional life. You can achieve this through development programs for leadership and management while enhancing your personal life through experimental programming and networking.

How does XLN Work?

Executive Leadership Network has forums that involve industry-leading CEOs. These forums provide an unbiased and a private space for substantive discussions and advice. The XLN CEO forum comprises of expert CEOs where they can meet in person every month. The good thing about this setup is that the topics aren’t hard, complicated, or off-limits.

Each forum will bring together a diversified network of leaders from major companies to work in issue resolution and strategic problem-solving, and to provide innovation from different perspectives. What topics does the program discuss?

Leadership and Management

  • Millennials and managing or leading multiple generations
  • Goal setting – establishing objectives along with associated strategies, and best practices and tactics
  • Dealing with critical or urgent issues – you have a personal Board of Advisors with over 200 years of combined Senior Executive experience to help guide you through tough times
  • Setting and managing expectations with all stakeholders
  • Management and leadership styles, best practices, dynamics
  • Gender and ethnic diversity in the workplace – best practices, strategies, and lessons learned
  • Culture development and maintenance
  • Delegation – what, and how, to delegate more effectively

Marketing and Business Development

  • Marketing and Business Development strategies and tactics (get the best practices and different ideas from a wide variety of viewpoints or industries)
  • How to deal with rapidly-changing competitive landscapes
  • Navigating various marketing or business development technology options
  • Operating in a rapidly changing and dynamic industry
  • Best practices for developing game-changing strategic partnerships
  • Designing processes and systems for scalability and sustainability while being flexible
  • Technology – what corporate systems deliver the most bang for the buck?
  • Operational efficiencies and best practices

Operations and Finance

  • How to recruit and keep great employees and avoiding or terminating bad employees at the same time
  • Full-time employees (W2) vs contractors – who does what? Why? Pros and Cons?
  • Remote employees and distributed work environments
  • Review process development, implementation, and management for performance reviews and peer reviews
  • Best practices on budget and goal development/management
  • Raising Equity and Debt – When? Why? How? And How Much?
  • Mergers and Acquisitions – Best practices and lessons learned
  • Managing service providers including accounting, legal, and banks
  • Best practices for effective communication with Investors and Boards
  • Navigating and thriving during corporate transformations (i.e. rapid growth/contraction, reorganizations, mergers/acquisitions, etc.)

Personal Development

  • Work-life balance – how to work smarter?
  • How to maintain accountability, both for yourself and your team?
  • Effective time management strategies
  • When to be more strategic vs. tactical
  • Managing your online reputation and profile
  • How to adapt quickly when your company changes rapidly?

How do the Leaders Today Benefit from XLN?

The purpose of Executive Leadership Network is to coach and assist CEOs like you. By the end of this program, you can expect to have better problem-solving skills. You should also be more adept when it comes to handling and resolving disputes. Because XLN is a part of HDO (Hybrid Development Organization), it incorporates both traditional and non-traditional approaches in developing a holistic coaching network.

Below are the areas where you and your company will benefit from Executive Leadership Network:

  1. The program can help you grow your company. Every CEO knows that stagnation is the death of the company. But because of this program, you’ll have a strategic advantage to take care of your business. Eventually, you’ll be surprised you’ve already made a trailblazer in your business.
  2. It can help build your leadership team. Learn how to recruit, manage, and keep those employees who have great talents. With an expert advice from a professional, you’ll be able to identify excellent employees both internally and externally.  
  3. It can help you analyze your strategies. With the help of XLN forum organizations, you’ll learn to review your approach and business. You’ll also have the chance to meet with other CEOs monthly so you can address problems, share your best practices, evaluate possibilities, and discuss problems in the operations.
  4. The program will teach you some best practices. If you have enough exposure to the latest insights, you’ll become an effective leader. With this program, not only will you have access to the latest trends, but you’ll also be able to connect with like-minded leaders and share your best practices.
  5. You can enhance your technique. To be able to grow your company, you will need to grow first and improve your leadership abilities. You can learn how to refine your skills and develop new ones through XLN.
  6. You’ll be able to expand your reach. As a leader, learning from other CEOs and leaders will help you gain access to a community that will hone your approach. Remember, new and adapting markets require experience.

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