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The top 5 PHP frameworks for 2020

As the software development world continues to expand, it’s important having the right, modern tools to build a functional and responsive website or an enterprise web portal or any other software project. Having a well-built and properly maintained PHP framework will help developers save time, reuse pieces of code, and simplify the back end.

Using a PHP framework affords a basic structure for software developers to build web applications. A few reasons the best software development companies in Charlotte use PHP frameworks include:

  • Having great community support among developers using the same or experienced using the same frameworks
  • Again, it helps speed up the development of web applications without losing quality.
  • It allows the use of model view controller (MVC) architecture.
  • It provides extension libraries, plug-ins, and helpers.
  • You’ll have lots of database support.
  • You can automate common web development tasks.
  • You will be able to protect your websites from targeted security attacks.
  • You’ll be able to perform unit testing more efficiently.

There are a lot of PHP frameworks to choose from. However, some are more popular than others and for good reason. Though most frameworks serve the same purpose there are some differences between them. Here are the top 5 PHP frameworks popular with software development in Charlotte.

Laravel Framework

Laravel is an open source PHP framework that was introduced in 2011 and became the most widely used framework in 2015. Software developers prefer Laravel because it’s faster, more secure, and can handle large and complex applications better than other frameworks.

Laravel is suitable for all manner of web applications, especially applications with complex back end requirements. It offers clean and simple routing, an effective ORM and database layer, and has an easy installation protocol.

CodeIgniter Framework

Another top choice for software developers is CodeIgniter. CodeIgniter has been around since 2006 and has a large, supportive community. It’s lightweight and has pre-built modules that make it easy to use. It comes with built in security features, has fewer coding requirements and faster development.

CodeIgniter is easy to customize and extend and in the development stage, has stage by state testing. The CodeIgniter framework supports both web page and database caching and allows for easier handling of errors.

Symfony Framework

Symfony Framework is the oldest PHP framework on the list of favored frameworks, having launched in 2005. Software developers like Symfony framework for their ability to handle the development of large-scale enterprise projects. In addition to being very flexible, it has reusable PHP components, allows for easy testing, and complies with most web development best practices and design patterns.

It also allows for the easy integration of other framework libraries because it’s stable and sustainable.

Zend Framework

Zend was released in 2006. It’s a complete, object-oriented PHP framework. Zend Framework is developed on the agile methodology, allowing for the delivery of high quality, enterprise applications. Zend allows developers to focus on what’s required and forget everything else. It has a simple cloud API, data encryption and session management.

Like other PHP frameworks on the list, it has a large and supportive community with great documentation.

CakePHP Framework

Aside from sounding declicious, there are many reasons software development companies choose CakePHP framework. CakePHP is easy to install and includes all advanced security features. It allows for fast builds and proper class inheritance. Like the other PHP frameworks on the list, it allows for easy extension with plug-ins, helpers, components, and behaviors. Cake has CRUD scaffolding and includes build-in validation.

All of these PHP frameworks have large, supportive communities with excellent documentation. While there are more frameworks than what’s on this list, these are the PHP frameworks that many software development companies in Charlotte and beyond prefer to use.

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