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Tips to stay fit and look fab after 40

Aging is inevitable, but then aging like a fine wine is a dream for many. Dreams come true, but we need to make some efforts towards them. Aging will not slow down on your wish. Aging is accelerated by lifestyle and environmental factors. It’s by genuine efforts directed in the right direction that can help in the anti-aging journey. Here are few tips from that can help in staying fit and fab after 40.

  1. Religiously follow a CTM routine- the basic essential tip that lays the foundation for healthy, radiating, and youthful skin is cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. Be it morning or night before bedtime always, follow the CTM routine. In the morning wash face thoroughly, apply an excellent quality toner to prep up the skin, followed by a good moisturizing regime. For the under-eye area, apply a good eye cream. Dark circles and puffy eyes add to the aged look.
  2. Products with anti-aging ingredients- collagen and retinoid-based skincare products are the weapon to fight the war against wrinkles and fine lines. The elements have anti-ageing properties. Retinol creams are easily available, but for retinoid-based products, it is mandatory to consult a doctor from a skin clinic and get a prescription for the same. Collagen is available in serum or cream format to apply or can be taken orally as it is available in supplement, format. However, before consuming any supplement it is essential to consult a skin clinic.
  3. Nutrition- the role of food for healthy younger-looking skin and healthy body can never be denied. Add more greens and vegetables to your diet as they packed with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. The greens are rich in antioxidants that improve skin quality adding brightness to dull skin. It  also prevents several age related diseases and helps in maintaining the strength of bones and muscles.
  • Lifestyle changes- there are several lifestyle changes required to get younger-looking skin. The lifestyle changes will contribute positively towards healthy skin and fit body. Avoiding stress and relaxing helps in getting beautiful skin and maintain fitness of body. It helps in avoiding several diseases that are result of stress. Exercising and meditating helps in relieving stress and keep the diseases out. You can even buy online dispensary Canada to reduce your stress levels and this will also detox your body, and the organs will function correctly to give the younger -looking appearance and maintain your goof health. skin. All the lifestyle changes will not happen in a day, but with diligent efforts and dedication they will be met.  
  • Sleep well- poor sleep not only affects health but also causes skin aging, and hampers your health thereby inviting several diseases thus, taking a good night’s sleep is mandatory for staying fit and fab after 40.

Aging is a natural process and cannot be avoided. Only balanced lifestyle is the key to healthy body and skin.Age will just become a number with the above tips. I guess this article helped you to stay fit and fine in this COVID-19 pandemic. 

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