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What Do Young People Like to Do These Days?

Young people playing a card game together

As technology continues to fill up most of our lives, it is no surprise that a lot of things that young people like to do are based online. Mobile phones have become a necessity for young and old but more specifically amongst the younger generation. With a smartphone, you are able to do so many things from socializing with friends to video and online game streaming. As more younger people catch on to trends such as Tik Tok and vlogging, we take a look at how young people stay entertained these days. 

Social media – the age-old favourite amongst young people

Whether it’s Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, young people are constantly staying connected through various social media apps. For young people, their online life is real life. The internet age has completely changed the way we communicate and has made the world seem small as we’re able to engage with people globally. Instagram remains popular amongst younger people with Snapchat following behind. 

A hand daubing bingo card

Online bingo – the national pastime’s second wave

The traditional game of bingo dates back to the 1500s. You might associate the game with grannies at the bingo hall, however, young people are jumping on the bingo wagon. Thanks to the introduction of online bingo, more and more young people seem to be daubing these days. With so many online casinos and young people being well-versed with the latest technology trends, online bingo seems to have attracted an entirely new market. With the addition of chat rooms and bingo forums, online bingo provides a great social gaming experience for young people. These days, you can play online bingo on almost any device, including your smartphone, tablet, or desktop. This definitely beats having to go to a bingo hall, especially if you have a busy day and simply want to play some bingo to unwind. Now, you can play bingo from the comfort of your home and still be social via the chat rooms on the online bingo site.

Online gaming – a way to relax or virtually compete

There are so many types of online games to choose from, including sport-related games, mission-based games and quests that get users to complete challenges. There are also multiplayer games which mean young people can link up via the internet, and play some of these games with friends and other players. Online video games can bring people together and no matter your taste, there’s a game for you to enjoy with friends. From board and card games such as Monopoly and Scrabble to cooperative games, including Minecraft and Stardew Valley you are sure to find your favourite game.

Tik Tok – the fun in dancing and so much more

Tik Tok – the latest social media craze is a short video creation app that allows users to sing, dance, act or mime audio clips or pre-recorded songs. With over 500 million active users worldwide, the app sees people creating and doing challenges. These community-led challenges can typically begin with one short video introducing the challenge. Celebrities and online influencers are also amongst the Tik Tok community. This diverse app allows more diverse ways of interacting in the digital world.

Young woman reading and surrounded by plants

Houseplants – the new millennial craze

What started with the succulent – considered the plant kingdom’s first bona fide social media star, houseplants has nestled its way into many young people’s lives. Instagram seems to be the platform many young people share their plant babies and boast about their green thumb. Millennials are obsessed with houseplants and it’s quite incredible to see how proud they are of their plant collections. It seems buying or planting and taking care of houseplants is the new craze and has become a key part of millennials’ daily routine.

Young people and the latest trends are always changing

With the rapid evolution of technology, it’s easy for trends to come in and fade out instantly. However, online bingo seems to be progressing in popularity as it ticks all the boxes for young people. Bingo is stimulating and a social game, what more could you need?

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