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Top 7 myths about casinos

Casinos have been around for quite a long time, but myths and misconceptions about gambling still exist. These myths range from the good to the weird but are not so strange to gamblers. It is easy to believe some of these myths, whether you are a poker player or prefer table games.

Gambling at a casino is exciting and winning real money from the games makes it more thrilling. Buying into some of these myths can ruin your evening and blow your chance of winning. Here are seven common casino myths that need debunking. 

Casinos rig their games

This is a common myth among many gamblers and they believe that the house always wins. That is the reason why you will find many players crying foul after losing a streak of games. Unless you have gone to an underground gambling ring, all games in a licensed establishment follow strict regulations to ensure fairness. 

Casinos use random-number generators and other checks and balances on all their games to prevent cheating. Casinos do not need to cheat since many players lose games by failing to apply a basic strategy.

Casinos let you win periodically to keep you playing

Gamblers who believe that casinos are part of a conspiracy scheme will lead you to believe that casinos will always let you win periodically so that you keep on playing. Once you win, the staff at the casino will throw you a bone if you are about to lose interest. 

Winning is a matter of chance, whether you are using RNG for video slot machines or roulette table mechanics. It is illegal for casino staff to interfere and it is all up to the player to keep on playing on even after winning.  

Casinos do not pay winners

This myth is only true if you are taking part in an underground gambling ring or using betting sites whose ads pop up on adult sites or torrent-trackers. Licensed casinos risk paying heavy fines if there are confirmed reports that they do not pay their winnings. Such casinos can even lose their license.

Each slot in a casino has a winning limit, meaning that casinos only have to pay small winnings. You can win progressive jackpots by trying the free welcome bonus no deposit casino and stand a chance of winning millions of dollars. Gamblizard is the favorite place for many online casino gamblers and has the fairest known operations.   

Changing the size of your bet will trick a slot machine

Many players believe that they can trick a slot machine by changing the size of their bets or the number of pay lines. It is only in Video Poker that you can increase your odds by placing a substantial bet. All other games on the slot machine will give you winnings that directly relate to your bet size.  

Counting cards is illegal

Despite what you may have heard, keeping a mental tally of both high and low cards dealt in a particular hand is not illegal. The skill is tough to master and will require players to think fast and have a keen eye. Casinos have the right to refuse players their wagers and since they do not take kindly to this practice, it is best to try and master it away from the casino floor.  

Cold and hot slots or tables

Whether a slot or a table recorded a win or a loss, it will still be at room temperature. You cannot increase your chances of winning by looking for a hot table where shooters are hitting numbers against the other players a table. Winning in casinos is all a matter of probability

Casinos fill the gaming floors with oxygen to keep players awake

This myth that has been on circulation on the internet has no basis at all. Casinos would have to go through a lot of expenses to fill the gaming floors with oxygen. Besides, they will have a host of legal issues due to this practice. 


Some of these myths about casinos have no basis and you should not risk ruining your evening by following them. These myths are the works of players who failed to win. Whether you are a first-time player or a veteran, these debunked myths will help you learn the truth about casinos. You have to play responsibly if you want to increase your chances of winning. 

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