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Top Video Poker Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Photo by Michał Parzuchowski on Unsplash

Did you try playing poker online? If traditional poker is too passe for you, how about some video poker instead? Yes, you will find options aplenty on sites like Ignition Casino, and can even read some poker strategy guides first.

But what are common mistakes to avoid if you’re a novice at this game? Players over the years have lost huge jackpots due to the following mistakes:

1. Not checking the paytable

Paytable is where you get to know the payout percentages for every video poker game. Some games have a higher house edge. This means you will get a minimum payout while a major part of your winnings goes to the casino. Never do the mistake of not checking the paytable before playing any video poker games.

2. Not knowing the rules

Video poker is not like pokies where you spin the wheel and hit a jackpot. It’s purely based on strategy. You need to know the rules well enough to make the right move. Video poker players assume it’s easy to win the game and start out without knowing the rules. As someone new to video poker, always know the rules before hitting the ‘deal’ button.

3. Fear of risking

You should know that higher risk always leads to better returns. As a novice, you can start betting with a small amount but as you progress, when you fear risking, don’t dream of going home with that fat paycheck. Not that you should always risk your money and bet on everything that comes your way, but you should know when to take that big leap.

4. Playing the game without practising

Just because you know the rules doesn’t make you a pro. Practice can only make you an expert. Even though video poker is an easy game where getting a royal flush helps you win big, it’s not as easy as it seems. You should know the tactics and the rules to win at it. And for that, you really need to know how to practice. Check out websites where you get to practice a couple of times without wagering with real money. Practice till you understand how it works and then start placing the bet with real money.

5. Steering clear of progressive machines

Progressive video poker machines are the best to play at. And if you avoid playing on progressive machines, you’re missing out on a huge jackpot without a doubt. Progressive machines are where your money gets accumulated with each round and you get a large payout in the end due to that. It’s way better than regular ones where you get a meagre amount every time you win. So, never stick to one type while gambling. Experiment and know which offers the best.

6. Zero Limit on Money

Gambling can be really exciting at times even for the best players. Every time you win a game, you earn hundreds of dollars straight into your account. But, you should understand that there is a limit to gambling. Even all Video poker players should set a limit on how much they’ll be betting per day and stick to it.

While setting a limit is easy, sticking to it is what matters. Most players lose a lot in a single day by having zero limits on how much they bet at a time. Never do that mistake and lose all your money while gambling. However, many players make this mistake in order to play better and attempt to be victorious at casinos.

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