Meeting customers' needs
A Travis Perkins case study

Page 5: Striving for enhanced customer service

In January 2003 Travis Perkins launched excel an integrated customer service programme across all branches. The Managing Director, (Operations) of Travis Perkins, John Carter, explained to staff within the business that: 'excel is all about each and every one of us "making a difference" by working together to provide customers with a quality of service that outstrips their expectations'.

The three principles of excel are aimed to change the culture of the business to make sure all staff are totally customer focused. The excel programme was launched with a booklet explaining the strategy and a video for staff to support the initiative. A series of 7 Key Performance Indicators provides the benchmarks upon which the Customer Service Groups can measure their performance compared to other branches and to the company as a whole.

Travis Perkins | Meeting customers' needs


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