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Types of portable trade show booths

Whenever your business wants to promote its brands or products through participating in trade shows the first thing you need is a spectacular and attractive booth. Today the market offers a lot of trade show products – from custom display of various configurations to rental options, allowing to exhibit on a budget. However, perhaps the greatest demand is for portable exhibits, which combine excellent design, lightness and attractive price. In addition, exhibitors can choose from a multitude of types of portable displays with various designs and features. In this article, we’ll talk about the different types of portable trade show booths.

Banner Stands

Banner stands are a must for any marketing event, career fair, or retail presentation. Depending on configuration you can use such displays both inside and outside. Most of the banner stands are compact; you can either use them as a tabletop display or a stand alone exhibit to combine with other types of trade show products. You can also utilize banner backwalls that will serve as back drops for your presentations.

Banner stands feature multiple designs and configurations. Roll up banners are set up by sliding graphic up over a pole and attaching it. Retractable stands feature a base that hosts graphics. The graphic panel with your artwork attaches to pole for quick installation. Telescopic banner stands allow adjusting height of the graphic panels.

Pop Up Booths

This product has been on the market for years and it still remains popular. Portable pop up trade show booths with graphics feature light weight aluminum tubing and tethered channel bars that allow you to expand it open like an accordion. Such a method makes set up and tear down a breeze. The entire display fits into a travelling case convenient for shipping and storing. Pop up displays offer different ways to mount graphics: it can be fabric panels with magnetic strips or fabric mural panels that allow for seamless graphics.

Tabletop displays

Sometimes you don’t need to go big to have an impactful presentation. With tabletop displays you have all the possibilities of a full-blown display put into a compact body. Especially popular these displays are among salespeople who have to travel a lot. Compact sizes and light weight allow taking tabletop stands on board of a plane. No matter what style of a tabletop display you choose, they all are a breeze to set up, which makes them irreplaceable for quick presentations. Small yet sturdy, these stands can be used for multiple years without losing in quality or appearance.

There are several types of tabletop displays. It can be miniature versions of stand alone portable exhibits (such as pop up displays), banner stands or briefcase tabletop booths consisting of 3 connected panels that open to form a display.

Modular Exhibits

Modular booths, as it were, are an intermediate link between portable displays and custom booths. In fact, such exhibits feature characteristics of both products – light weight, fast assembly, ease of shipping, and the ability to change configuration depending on your needs. Modular displays are made of extruded aluminum, which gives durability, solidity, and at the same time provides modular features. By reconfiguring individual parts, you can receive a variety of booths with different appearances. Also, such products offer a wide range of accessories (shelves, counter, lighting, monitor mounts, etc.) which are easy to attach whenever you need it.

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