Using advertising to connect with consumers


Advertising is a tricky business. Successful advertisers are those who, over the long term, make the fewest mistakes. No matter how well an advertisement is produced, there is no way of guaranteeing that an advertising campaign will be successful. What looked like a good idea when conceived and trialled may, with hindsight, turn out to have been not so good after all. As a creative promotional tool, advertising has one major advantage. Millions watch TV and read newspapers, and advertising has a potentially low cost when measured per person reached. However, adverts are inflexible; the same TV commercial goes into every home. This gives advertisers a targeting problem. An advert that ‘works’ with one age group eg young homeowners may offend another eg the over 60s. So, a poorly constructed, ill-considered advert may do more harm than good. Creating an advertisement involves several stages: 1.    Decide on the message to be conveyed.   2.    Decide on the media for carrying the message eg TV, radio, newspaper.   3.    Decide on the ‘vehicle’ or format eg a cartoon approach, or using a celebrity.   4.    Form a good idea and develop it creatively in a way that matches the qualities of the product with the needs and…

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