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Valentine’s party games you need to play in 2020

It never matters what age group you belong to when it comes to enjoy and have some fun in life. This is why this year on Valentine’s Day, why not have some party games and make it a memorable one? If you have someone you love dearly in your life than you can play games with them.

But if you are single then there is no need to be depressed. It is not a law to mingle on Valentine’s Day, being single is also a virtue. Call up your friends and play some exclusive games with them and party hard to enjoy the day. According to Betway, you can add a game of roulette as well to enjoy and have fun all night long. So here are some crucial and quick tips to make 2020 Valentine’s Day fun as hell!

Play Who’s Who

One of the most popular games for a party night can be playing who’s who. Write the names of some romantic movies such as The Notebook, Titanic, Love Actually, etc. on a sticker and paste them on the back of your guests. Throughout the party, they are allowed to gather the hints to the movie and not see the name of the movie themselves. Once they have guessed it right, offer them a peg of wine to chug.

Challenge Couples with Newlyweds Game

When the couples arrive at your party, give them a pen and paper to answer some questions about their spouse. Later the night plays the famous newlywed game and ask the couple questions they have answered earlier. If the answers match, this shows they know each other and if the answer is wrong than deduct their marks. This can be a fun-filled game to entertain everyone.

Name the Song

Valentine’s Day is all about love and romance. List down some famous love songs on a sheet of paper and ask the guests to pick any one song they like. Now they have to act the song and the people around can guess it. This can be a fascinating addition to your time to enjoy and laugh.

Tiny Dancers

It is Valentine’s Day and there would be no dance? This can’t happen! Have the guests pair up and then give them a piece of cloth to stand on it and dance. They won’t be allowed to step outside the cloth. Stop the music occasionally and ask them to fold the piece of cloth and make them smaller than before. The last pair to dance on the smallest piece of cloth wins.

Never Have I Ever

This can be the most exciting game ever! Hand cardboards to your friends with words ‘have’and ‘never’ written on it. Ask wild questions to your friends that have they ever did this or not. Whatever their answer is, ask questions that why they did it or why they didn’t? This can change into a night of secret revealing as well.

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