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Fantasies as part of a healthy relationship

Let’s admit, few people directly tell the partner about their fantasies. The point here is not even the degree of trust, but rather the fear of being ridiculed or misunderstood. And the more serious the relationship is, the more difficult it is to admit own desires. Many people think this topic is too personal, and such conversations are something dirty and shameful.

But how is it really? Fantasies are an integral part of the human self and ignoring them faces serious consequences.

How to diversify personal life, how to bring freshness to a relationship, how to find swingers – Google is asked these questions almost as often as about the weather. And still, understanding yourself is much more difficult than predicting frosts or rain. That is why many people have curious dreams, and some thoughts make them feel very excited.

The role of fantasies in human life

Our fantasies are a tool that develops sensuality and energizes emancipation and confidence. Not using it means committing a crime against yourself and the relationship you cherish a lot.

Even those fantasies that are not destined to come true can be discussed: the process of savoring the hot details not only brings people together, but also wildly excites. Nevertheless, it is important to learn how to clearly explain what you want, otherwise you risk scaring or offending a person. Not everyone will adequately respond to what you consider acceptable.

It is very important to learn not only about each other’s desires, but also about your willingness to try something new. Perhaps at first it will be awkward and you will not hear the stream of revelations, but give time to your couple and be ready to work.

How to convince a partner to try something new

The most important thing to remember is that in such experiments there is no place for condemnation and prejudice. If a person feels that his needs are considered strange or wrong he can easily close inside himself.

Sincerity must certainly be present in such a conversation. It will help enlist the support of a partner, as well as establish contact, and who knows, maybe he also has something to surprise you with?

One of the steps may be installing swingers app. Using such app, you can find like-minded people and find out about their experience, which can be very useful to you. And when your partner is ready, you can show the app to him and together you can choose the people with whom you want to chat on sacred topics.

After clarifying the key points, do not strive to realize all your fantasies at once – stretch your pleasure: waiting for the appointed hour will be much more exciting, and there will be more time for preparation.

And one of the main points – always be patient. Emancipation and willingness to experiment is the result of an impressive work that you and your partner should do on yourselves. And if you are overly persistent, you can simply scare a person and lose him forever, because no one loves when someone is imposed on him.

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