Using technology to improve economies
A Vodafone case study

Page 1: Introduction

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Vodafone is a leading international mobile communications company with interests in 27 countries and partnership agreements with a further 40 countries, including Safaricom in Kenya. It has over 71,000 employees throughout the world and in 2008 had more than 289 million customers. In the UK, more than 19 million people use Vodafone services.  Vodafone's vision is 'to be the world's...
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Page 2: What is an economy?

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An economy is a system which tries to balance the available resources of a country (land, labour, capital and enterprise) against the wants and needs of consumers. It deals with three key issues: what is produced how it is produced, and who gets what is produced. There are three main types of economy: planned economy, market economy and mixed economy. Planned (also known as command...
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Page 3: Developed economies

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Developed mixed economies such as the UK produce large numbers of goods and services to meet consumer needs. This sector represents the top of the socio-economic pyramid. In this type of economy, where customers have choice, Vodafone needs to differentiate itself in the market. It relies on its strategic mix of innovation in products and services, customer focus and its responsible approach to...
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Page 4: Developing economies

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Developing economies are those countries in the middle or bottom layers of the socioeconomic pyramid. These countries often face great difficulties in improving their economies. For example, in planned economies, assets like land or property are owned by government. Individuals and businesses are not used to making decisions and operating to make a profit. When Bulgaria moved from its previous...
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Page 5: The impact of technology on developing countries

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Over the last 20 years or more, mobile telecommunications and the internet have made great leaps forward. Vodafone is a market leader in opening up access to people and information around the globe 24 hours a day. The connectivity provided by mobile phone technology supports economic development. Its impact on a developing country like Kenya has been extremely positive. Many families live in vast...
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Page 6: Conclusion

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Vodafone uses the capabilities of the mobile phone to bring value to both developing and developed economies. The impact of mobile technology on developed markets over recent years has been immense and has focused on providing added value to customers through new and improved functions and features. By comparison, the impact of technology on emerging markets such as Kenya has provided a real...
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