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Way of the Kibo – the Kibo Code and how it helps eCommerce businesses

Developed by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton, The Kibo Code is a program that aims to teach individuals different ways of earning money through e-commerce. Rather than placing emphasis on more popular selling methods online, such as eBay, Amazon, and Facebook advertising, the program will focus on alternative methods to generate traffic to your e-commerce store and increase profits in the process. 

The course is spread over 8 weeks and comprises of 6 modules. The developers and inside reviewers have made claims as to the effectiveness of the techniques that are taught in the course and have stated that they actually work. In fact, the developers of the code, Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton, have used these techniques personally for years and have enjoyed massive success in doing so.

This blog will aim to educate you about the features of the course itself and let you decide if it’s effective or not. While we might be somewhat brief, for detailed information please read the Kibo Code Review


While the following is an over-simplification of the process, it does cover the salient features of the Code. You first buy a high-quality generic domain name and set up an online store on the domain name. Products that are displayed in the store will be decided on the basis of the profitability of the products rather than a demand for a particular product. 

Using different methods, traffic is generated to the site and upon a sale being made, a supplier based in the United States will dropship the product to the customer. You as a business owner will not have to keep any inventory of products and will be free of the added management load of inventory. 

Products that are not profitable are removed while profitable products continue to be sold through the online store.


Module 1

You’ll be learning the basics of online marketing and sales in the first module. Emphasis is placed on affiliate marketing and sales funnels. You’ll learn how affiliate marketing has an impact on your profitability and brand development. Similarly, sales funnels can also be quite valuable to your business’ profitability and you’ll learn exactly how under this module.

Module 2

Facebook advertising is somewhat touched upon, even if it is not emphasized in this course. No one can deny it is an effective form of marketing and in addition to learning the technical side of things, you’ll also be given tips on the artistic side of things to make adverts more appealing to customers.

Module 3

Under this module, you will be learning about business reporting and analyzing financial data. These are very important skill sets for any business owner or manager. 

Module 4

This is when you learn about different forms of advertising and how you can run ads to generate more traffic to your domain. Once this module is complete you’ll be equipped with the necessary knowledge to set up your own online store.  

Module 5

This module will teach you how to properly engage with customers. Customer engagement and user experience are two key factors when it comes to the success of an e-commerce business. As such, it is vital that you learn about customer relations.

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