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What are the 3 main benefits of preventive maintenance

When talking about maintenance, we can mention two main types, preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance. While the first one seeks to avoid failures and damages the machine, that is, it maintains the safety of its handling and its operation, the second one seeks to correct a problem that is already established. By establishing this difference between the two, we can say why the importance of preventive maintenance and why we go deeper into the benefits of it in this article.

Preventive maintenance can be subdivided into two types, the systematic preventive and the preventive conditional. Thus, the first is performed at certain time intervals (one in a month, one in a week …). The second is performed when there is a drop in machine efficiency.

As much as we have mentioned these two subtypes, in this article we will address the benefits of preventive maintenance in general. It is worth mentioning that the main responsibility for bringing preventive maintenance to the company is the owner or, if it exists, the manager of the production process.

Remember if! It should be applied because it generates an optimal cost-benefit ratio for the industry. And, above all, to ensure that the operation and operation of the machines are not interrupted. This way you avoid possible losses in your operation, such as idle labor and delays for product deliveries.

After understanding a bit more about preventive maintenance let’s talk about what are their benefits in production?

So here are the top three benefits this service can provide for your industry:

  1. Prevents machine damage and data loss

    A machine is not much different from a human body since it also needs periodic care, performed through preventive maintenance. In order to avoid greater and more serious damage in the long term. It may also be necessary, in the case of an automated machine, to perform CMMS software updates, file backups and check for malicious files to ensure the proper functioning of the equipment.

    – These precautions should be taken periodically to prevent machine downtime, slow programs, and loss of information.
    – These problems mentioned in the previous point can cause in the loss of time, productivity and, depending on unnecessary costs.

    2. Ensures equipment life

    Preventive maintenance seeks methods to maintain the performance and life of the machine through action plans and checking its components. An example is the general cleaning of the components of the machine that, because it is something basic and simple, the due value of the action is not identified. Excessive dirt can compromise the machine’s operation through overheating, affecting its performance. However, preventive maintenance seek to avoid this problem, ensuring the conservation of the equipment.

    3. Cost savings

    The cost of preventive maintenance is much lower when compared to interventions that must be performed to solve a problem and the like. This cost difference can be identified by exemplifying the following situation:

    – Performing the exchange of parts and inspection of your equipment during operation, rather than waiting for a problem to occur in the machine to investigate and solve the cause by stopping the operation of the equipment.
    – Through these periodic care, it is a consequence of the reduction of equipment that needs to be replaced, an advantage in the medium and long term.


    There are other ways to maintain production quality or increase your productivity in addition to applying maintenance to the company.

    Two examples for this are:

    – The application of standardization;
    – Optimization of processes.

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