When it comes to programming language, nothing can beat JavaScript. Although there are other popular programming languages like Python and Java. However, developers mostly prefer JavaScript. 

As per the 2020 survey JavaScript is one of the most widely used languages to develop websites and apps. Because of this, there are many companies that offer these services. 

JavaScript Development Company:

Easy scheme -> JavaScript development services company provides ready to use products to clients.

These companies provide different types of services. They include services like web development, app development, etc. If you want to develop an app or website for your business, you can approach them.

They have a strong team of developers who are experts in JavaScript. However, they take advantage of this programming language. In order to develop different types of tools and apps. They are experts in using JavaScript frameworks and libraries. 

JavaScript Development Services:

These companies provide end-to-end development services to their clients. Here are some of the essential services offered by these companies.

  •     Web Development:

Web development is one of the most common services offered by JavaScript Development Companies. The developers use JavaScript frameworks to develop excellent websites and provide web solutions. These websites are created in such a way that they provide value to your business.

  •     Mobile App Development:

This is the era or mobile apps. If you have an idea, you can easily convert it into an app by using JavaScript development services. These companies help to developed mobile apps for various clients. The developers specialize in improving the cross-platform as well as native mobile apps. Apps for both androids as well as iOS are developed using JavaScript.

  •     Back-End Development:

The back-end is an integral part of app development. The developers use frameworks like Node & React. JS to develop back-end. It helps in developing apps that are easily scalable and fast. These apps provide real-time data.

  •     Desktop Development:

They not only provide web or mobile app solutions but also offer desktop solutions. The developers help to deliver solutions for Windows, Linux and Mac by using different tools.

  •     Designs:

They also provide user-interface design and visual design services. The user interface is designed using JavaScript framework and tools. The layouts as not only beautiful but helps to highlight the feature of the apps and sites. These companies research, plan, create, and then finalize the design used in apps and websites.

JavaScript Frameworks:

Here is a list of popular JavaScript frameworks used in development services.

  •     Node     JS: It helps to develop apps that can function on different devices. It is the most used framework.
  •     Angular JS: It helps to create websites with extensive and rich user-interface. With this framework, HTML can be used to create a template.
  •     React JS: It helps to develop very interactive apps. It is used to create single-page apps that are interactive.
  •     Vue JS: If you want to build apps and sites with an appealing user-interface, this framework is the best.
  •     Backbone JS: It helps to develop apps that are scalable, reliable, and contain multiple features.

These are the different types of JavaScript Development Services and Frameworks.