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What is the best 70-inch TV?

4k TVs are today, the highest level of power that we can find in the market. And we talk about the market because there are already manufacturers who are working in the 8k format, although for now there is some time left for us to see it on our screens. So you know what you should keep in mind when buying one of these televisions, we offer you the tips of our guide to buying the best 4K TV, where we include the guidelines with which to find a quality model with wide functionality. These are a list of best 70-inch tv.

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Image quality

When we decide to buy a 4K TV we may think that we have already fixed both the level of quality and the image resolution of the screen. However, when we read the models in any comparison of 4K TVs, we discover that there are different models, with components that improve the image or even with alternatives and various approaches within this 4K resolution.

Starting with this last point, it is advisable to be careful with cheap 4K TVs, which in many cases have a quality defect. This defect is that they do not include a real 4K resolution, but use the Ultra HD resolution.

TV measurements

Another important aspect of today’s flat TVs is the size. But in the specific case of 4K models, the truth is that we are already talking about measures of a certain level, so we will not find a 24-inch 4K TV, for example. 

In general, 4K TVs start from diagonals from approximately 40 inches. However, these models do not have all the necessary space to fully enjoy the capacity of this technology, which is around 55 inches according to experts. In any case, when choosing, in addition to assessing the space available in your home, you should also consider how much it costs to increase the screen size.

The good news is that these TVs have VESA type compatibility, which allows them to be mounted directly on the wall without complications and orient them as we like. In case you want to place it on a piece of furniture, take into account the large size of the base, as well as the arrangement of the legs or the central support, as appropriate.

Samsung UE49MU7055

Samsung UE49MU7055 is one of the best 4K T.v, which comes in different sizes. This model offers a greater ability to present light, with a more remarkable range and that generates higher image quality. The product has a closed Smart TV system, which does not allow more applications to be installed than those of the brand, although at least this offer is wide in proposals.

A quality television that has high image quality and elegant and careful design, which places this model at the forefront in any comparison of 4K TVs.

This T.V includes complete connectivity in which we find 4 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports, and digital audio output. As for the network connection, this includes the wired Ethernet or WiFi option. Connections are organized in the One Connect box, which makes it easier to connect everything in a simple way.

This model also has a different design that makes the product more elegant. Something that shows in details such as its invisible frame, which generates an infinite screen feeling, which adds an extra quality to the display of it.This design is also added the junction box with which to prevent the cables from being scattered and insight when assembling the TV. Details that we also find in your remote control, which makes it easy to maintain control of all your functions without complications.

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