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The most crucial developments to power tools in recent years

They may have been used since the 1800s, but power tools have developed at a rapid pace in recent years. By the close of the 2010s, it became apparent that these essential pieces of equipment have undergone something of a transformation, adapting to the requirements of both commercial and domestic functions.

As the value of these tools is predicted to rocket from $31.8 billion to $41.7 billion by 2024, it’s clear that there is a huge market for these products in everything from everyday jobs around the home, to larger projects. But what has been the most significant developments to power tools in recent years? And what is in store for the power tools of the future?

More variety

One of the biggest changes in recent years is the wealth of options available to those who use power tools. Brands are able to offer variations on key tools, from drills to sanders, ratchets to wrenches, but each one can be used for individual jobs and offer something different. Features such as higher torque levels and the option to quickly switch functions one-handed make the selection on offer more diverse than ever before.

Advanced mobility

The 2010s saw huge changes in power tool design. Where once corded tools were outselling corded variations, this has since switched. The reason for this is that power tools are more mobile, thanks to the batteries and chargers that have been devised in the last few years.

Batteries are lasting longer than they were a few years ago, meaning that where there was once reluctance to make the move from corded tools because there was a worry that the power would cut out mid-way through a job, their cordless counterparts are becoming the preferred option.

This improved battery life is one of the key capabilities that people search for when browsing the different options available from stockists such as SGS Engineering. Knowing that choosing a one tool over another means that the battery will hold out until the job is completed is a huge draw. 

Smart tech

Tech has advanced in the last decade, with everything from kitchen appliances to heating systems becoming smart – and power tools are no exception. Apps have been launched to control tools and send updates direct to tablets and smartphones. It is now possible to change settings, configure systems and get updates on battery life all with a few taps on the screen – and this tech is set to become even more advanced in the future.

Coming up

There are several ways that power tools will move on in the coming years. Here is a look at some of the top predictions:

  • Thinking green – the impact of the way we live and work on the environment is also being considered by power tool manufacturers. Brands are already looking to devise tools that are kinder to the planet and there is set to be eco-friendly options in the coming years.
  • Ease of use – there has been a real trend towards smaller, more compact power tools in the last decade and this is set to be a continuing theme. Tolls will be designed with ease of use in mind and, as batteries continue to get smaller, tools will become easier to operate.

As the new decade gets underway, time will tell where power tools will take us in the years to come. Whatever the job we are working on, we are sure to be able to complete it more efficiently than before.

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