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What makes a quality website design in 2022?

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The Main Principles of Good UI / UX Website Design

Getting people to visit your site is complicated enough, but getting them to remain is even more difficult. Website design is a critical component of customer engagement. But, what exactly should the best website design look like?

In brief, a great site should be visually appealing and functional. It must have a clear goal in mind and be simple to use. It should cater to a broad spectrum of visitors while remaining technically sound and safe. Stylish, functional, and informative websites are the hallmarks of good design. 

A popular life hack to optimize the design process is using website design templates. It’s a structure that requires minor tweaks, such as replacing your default text and images. However, a typical website design is unlikely to interest the client, as there are thousands of such sites. Your website is your personality, so it is essential to make it unique. And to implement all this, you can turn to a team of professionals.

What Does a Website Design Company Do?

A website design company’s role is to create the website’s overall look utilizing images, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Websites are designed so that the information flow is comfortable and intuitive for visitors. Designers are in charge of establishing a unified user experience whilst developers build the user interface.

The next question that arises is how much does website design cost? The average website design cost is about $ 200, and the price of maintaining it is about $ 50 per month. A professional website design cost is about $ 6,000, with a maintenance cost of $ 1,000 per year.

Given the above, a logical question arises: how to improve the site’s design process?

Ways to Optimize UI / UX Design Process

During the UI / UX design process, it is crucial to remember that visual elements affect everything from the time spent on the page to the user’s trust.

  • When designing a website, it is vital to consider the psychology of colour because each colour evokes a particular emotion in the client. It is essential not to use too many colours on your site, especially those that are too bright; up to three is enough.
  • It is also necessary to consider the font; it must be legible and clear. Usually, the site’s design uses no more than two or three fonts that complement each other so that the site will look harmonious.
  • Another vital component of website design is images. They help convey the key idea and visualize what is said on the site. Quality images can ensure the sale of your goods and services if it is an E-commerce site.
  • Make sure your site is adaptive, i.e. it looks well on all screens and devices.
  • Remember to follow the “three-click rule,” which states that every page on your website should be no more than three clicks away from any other site page.

Thank you for reading our article; we hope you found it helpful and informative.

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