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What to look for in a PPC company

PPC advertising is amongst the most effective forms of online marketing. If you are considering it for your business, then you are on the right track. Pay-per-click will not only help your site to stand out against your peers, but it will also help you attract high-quality traffic and convert them into buying clients.

The only problem is that not everyone can do PPC advertising; it requires a wide range of aspects to succeed, including technical, creative and analytical skills, experience, communication, understanding, resources and most importantly, passion. If you have no online marketing experience, it’s best to concentrate on your core competencies and let the professionals handle the task. With that in mind, here is what to look for in a PPC company


PPC companies are priced differently – based on a range of factors. It’s a good idea to find one whose price range is within your budgetary preference. However, be careful not to fall for the “cheapest bidder” trap because you might end up getting what you pay for.

Google AdWords certification

If you have to work with a PPC specialist, it only makes sense to work with the best. So, at the most basic, the company should be Google AdWords certified. This indicates that they understand PPC management and are willing to prove it by passing the program by Google AdWords, which needs them to answer hundreds of questions around the AdWords platform, strategies behind successful campaign management as well as search and display advertising

Their portfolio

Before you hire a company to manage your budget, it’s critical to ensure that they can deliver to your expectation. Look at the portfolio and see what they have done for their past and current clients. Have they worked with companies in the same industry as you? What were their results? And how did they help the clients achieve their goals? You can also inquire about their retention rate – like, do client stay or do they have a high turnaround rate?


Keep in mind that you need to trust the company to be confident about their services fully. Otherwise, you’ll spend the entire time wondering what they are doing with your money. You should also try to steer clear of long term contracts. And since it’s your account, you should be able to split with the company without anything holding you back.

Years of practice

Find an agency that has been around for a long time, that way you can be confident that they will weather the storm and that they have the necessary experience to handle a wide range of campaigns. Besides, the only way a company can manage to stay that long in the industry is if they are doing something right. In addition to years of practice, consider whether the agency specialises in your niche to avoid choosing a jack-of-all-trades.


When it comes to selecting the right PPC Company, you need to consider how comfortable you are working with them. It should be more of like a team thing than an outsourcing need. Together, you can ensure that your campaigns align with your SEO efforts to reach your target audience with relevant ads.

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