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eCommerce PPC in 2020: platform updates, new features, and must try tactics

Advertising has always been an important part of any business, without it potential customers will not know who you are or the services you offer. Of course, with approximately half the world’s population now online, it’s simply not viable for any business to ignore the potential offered by digital marketing.

The key is to choose the right strategies, which means using a specialist PPC company and building organic campaigns. But, it can be hard to monitor the different strategies and ensure that you have chosen the best ones, especially as there are always new variants to try.

That’s why you need to be aware of platform updates, new features, and any tactics you should be trying.


In order to get the most out of any campaign you need to carefully define the audience you’re targeting. This means deciding your target audience first and then, using Google Ads and analytics, find the right group to target. That’s effectively the people that are most likely to take action.

You also need to be aware of what your audience is doing. There will be people actively searching for your product or service. You should highlight these within the analytics and target them specifically with their own campaign. Dine properly this should have a high conversion rate.

Life Events

Data shows that people tend to be in the market for specific products a certain times in their life or at certain ages. For example, if someone has just got their first mortgage they are more likely to be receptive to home-related products.

All E-commerce shops should be paying attention to these key indicators and target customers accordingly.

Microsoft Ads

These are no longer a pale shadow of Google Ads, they should be an essential part of any marketing campaign you undertake. That means creating a campaign exclusively for this platform and monitoring it, allowing you to tweak it and get the best possible results.


This is an important trend that you probably already do. However, the emphasis should be that not all your customers are equal. Remarketing products doesn’t work for all your customers, you need to target the customers that use store locator software on your site. These are the ones that are most likely to respond to remarketing ads, especially if they relate to their local store.

Review & Revise

The most important thing for any E-commerce business is to review and revise campaigns regularly. You need to do this to stay abreast of changes on your platform, these can happen at any time depending on which platform you’re using. You’ll find that revising the campaigns regularly allows you to stay focused on your target audience and get the most from everyone.

Remember, there are no hard rules but you should always consider geography, seasonality, your product, company values, and your core principles. This will help to ensure that every campaign reflects your business properly and boosts the returns you see.

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