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Why are picture frames such a popular gift item?

We all have that friend or family member who is difficult to buy gifts for. If you find yourself giving them novelty items year after year and you’d like to do better, made to measure picture frames could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

There are lots of good reasons why picture frames make an excellent gift, and it doesn’t have to be for a particularly picky recipient, as almost anyone will appreciate the universal appeal of a stunning picture frame.

Give an empty frame to a friend who you know will enjoy filling it, choose a favourite photo or work of art to frame up as a gift, or get creative and put your scrapbooking skills to work, in order to create a 3D artwork of your own to hang on the wall.

Here are five of the best reasons to give picture frames as a gift.

1. It’s easy

First and foremost, it’s not always about the recipient. Sometimes you need a thoughtful gift, without spending hours wandering around shops or trawling through ecommerce websites.

A picture frame is an easy option without compromising on the quality of the gift. You can choose almost anything to put in the frame, or even give a blank frame as mentioned above, to someone you know will gain pleasure from choosing what to put in it for their self.

Frames are not just for art prints. Other options include your own sketches and paintings, old tickets from transport and events that serve as mementos, or even things like leaves and pressed flowers from trips to the country.

All you need to do is choose the size and look of your frame. There are all kinds of shapes and sizes, from ‘golden ratio’ rectangles, to squares and other shapes, in all sorts of materials and colours.

2. It’s thoughtful

Often what people want is a gift that appears thoughtful, and not just something you found in a shop. Frames offer you the opportunity to buy something that suits the recipient’s personal tastes, as well as to customise it by choosing the contents.

For an even more thoughtful gift, give a bespoke picture frame. You could choose the contents first and then get a made to measure picture frame for a perfect fit.

This provides even more impact when giving a gift, as it’s usually instantly obvious when you have had a custom picture frame made to precise dimensions, rather than using a standard shop-bought frame.

3. It’s economical

Picture frames offer surprisingly good value for money. You can get larger picture frames for not much more cost and fill them with memories and memorabilia to suit the intended recipient.

A wrapped picture makes an impressive gift for the cost. It has solidity and weight to it, it’s usually easy to wrap – saving precious minutes when preparing for a party or family get-together – and it’s relatively easy to transport too, especially by car as you can lay it flat on the parcel shelf or in the boot.

On a tight budget, choose a smaller picture frame and you’ll reduce the upfront cost, but can still add significant sentimental value by framing up a much-loved photo of you and your friend or family member.

4. It’s timeless

A good picture frame will last for years and should continue to look great despite changing fashions in the years to come. When used as a keepsake or memento, the sentimental value of the image in the frame should only grow with time too.

Even if the photo or picture in the frame loses its importance, the frame itself can be reused to display something different. This can turn a bedroom wall, upstairs landing or downstairs hallway into an ad hoc gallery space, with different art displayed over the years.

5. It’s universal

We’ve mentioned the universal appeal of picture frames already, but it’s worth saying again. No matter who you’re buying for, a good quality frame is likely to be well received, especially if you put something significant inside the frame.

The value is multi-layered. The frame itself has intrinsic value as a useful item to have in the home. The artwork or image in the frame has sentimental value. And by opting for made to measure picture frames, you add an extra level of care and attention to the gift.

How to order made to measure picture frames

Ordering made to measure picture frames is easier than you might think:

  1. Use an online picture frame designer to choose your size, frame style and material.
  2. Choose a mount – the cardboard insert that provides a border inside the frame itself.
  3. Choose extra options like text printing on the mount, glazing options or mounts with multiple apertures.

With these three simple steps you can specify all the essential characteristics of your made to measure picture frames, so you get exactly what you want delivered to your home.

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